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What is a Sales Page?

Chapter 2

How are Sales Pages Different Than Landing Pages and Your Homepage?

post-click landing pages and sales pages are the same thing because they are both standalone web pages that have one specific goal in mind. Both post-click landing pages and sales pages have the following elements:

  • Headline
  • Copy
  • CTA button
  • Lead capture form
  • Graphics
  • Trust indicators (testimonials, customer badges, company logos, endorsements, disclaimers)

However, long-form sales pages differ from typical post-click landing pages because the former tend to be quite lengthy when it comes to copy.

On the other hand, a homepage and a sales page are two completely different web pages. Your homepage discusses all the products and services your company has to offer while a sales page discusses just one offer and entices the visitor to sign-up for that single offer.

For example, this is the homepage for ConversionXL:

ConversionXL Homepage Example

The page has all the services listed with navigation links that take visitors to the other pages on the website.

The homepage is shorter than the agency’s long-form sales page featured in chapter 1. But the latter discusses the offer in so much detail that it answers all of the questions a visitor may have.

When should you use a long-form sales page?

Although a long sales page gets the job done, it is not always the best page design for your product or offer. Here are a few instances in which a long-form sales page works:

  • When your product is expensive
  • When your product is complicated and requires more copy to explain its value
  • When your product requires a high commitment from your visitors
  • When you have a relatively new product and want to educate your prospects about it

A sales page works best for your offer when the offer has a higher price tag and requires a high commitment from your prospect. That being said, a long-form sales page is not a good choice for offers like free trials.

The Relentless Movement Webinar program is a perfect example of a product that needs a long-form sales page (P.S. This page was created with Instapage.):

Relentless Movement Webinar Sales Page Example

  • The webinar program costs $57
  • The program lasts for 7 days, so it needs a longer explanation
  • The program requires a big money and time commitment
  • The program (and the brand behind the program) aren’t widely known, so the long-form sales page is a good fit

Are you promoting a free trial for an offer your prospects already know about? Ditch the long-form sales page and go with shorter copy because when your visitors know your product well, they don’t need much copy to be convinced to sign up.

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