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What is a Lead Capture Page?

Chapter 2

How are Lead Capture Pages Different from Your Homepage?

A lead capture page is one type of landing page, so it is inherently different from your homepage or any other page on your website. A lead capture page is a standalone page created with the intent of promoting a single offer.

A homepage is typically created to educate your potential customers about every product you have available. Lead capture pages focus on one promotion at a time.

Featured below is Freshservice’s homepage, which is a service desk software:

Freshservice Homepage Example

The page has:

  • A video explaining their service
  • Customer badges
  • A full list of features the service offers
  • Navigation links to all pages on the website
  • Multiple CTA buttons
  • Social media links
  • Contact information

By contrast, here is Freshservice’s lead capture page:

Freshservice Lead Capture Page Example

The page has:

  • A headline summarizing the service
  • A video explaining the service
  • Copy that explains the Unique Value Proposition
  • A lead capture form
  • A contrasting CTA button
  • Customer testimonials

Unlike the homepage, the lead capture page doesn’t have navigation links. The page’s main goal is to encourage visitors to sign up for the service by converting on the form.

Your product or service only has one homepage. This isn’t true for lead capture pages because you can have multiple lead capture pages for multiple offers you’re promoting.

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