Instablocks: You’ll Never Build Landing Pages the Same Way Again

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Are you building post-click landing pages one element at a time? Are you wasting time recreating duplicate content across your post-click landing pages? Then you’re doing it wrong. Introducing Instablocks™ – a whole new way to build post-click landing pages.

With Instablocks, you can quickly build hundreds of post-click landing pages by using individual page blocks that you can modify, save, and reuse. Pick from a library of pre-designed block templates or create custom Instablocks from scratch. Easily save and reuse header, footer, testimonial, customer review, product blocks, and more.

Discover how Instablocks makes building on-brand post-click landing pages even faster!

Tyson Quick

by Tyson Quick

Tyson Quick is the Founder and CEO of Instapage, the leader in Post-Click Automation. He's on a mission to automate advertising conversion.

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