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Wynn White, Former VP of Marketing at Dell KACE and Oracle on Amplifying Early Stage Marketing

Wynn White is an expert in marketing for early stage B2B SaaS companies and a veteran of enterprise and midmarket B2B marketing in Silicon Valley. His career includes senior director, VP, and CMO level marketing positions at Oracle, Birst, Druva, Oblix, BEA, and KACE, which was acquired by Dell in 2010. Wynn currently runs CMOSee the full story here

Archie Abrams and Adam Levinson, VP of Product and PM at Udemy on Marketplace Platforms and A/B Testing

Udemy is one of the fastest growing and most reputable EdTech companies on the market. Two significant drivers of their growth is robust experimentation and the talented marketers behind this strategy and Udemy’s impressive success. Archie Abrams, VP of Product, and Adam Levinson, Product Manager, moved together from the Growth Marketing to Growth Product teamsSee the full story here

Rob Meinhardt, Partner at Toba Capital on Marketing Culture and Leadership

Note: As of January 2017, Rob left Toba to start Furious Collective, a venture production studio, with Dave Kloba. Rob and Dave were both members of the founding teams at both AvantGo and KACE. They plan to launch 3 to 5 software businesses in the next 24 months. Rob Meinhardt is an advisor and investorSee the full story here

Dimitrios Papadogonas, CMO of iCracked on Authentic Brand Marketing

Few lifelong marketers have had the chance to work with industry revolutionaries such as Steve Jobs and Richard Branson. Not only has Dimitrios Papadogonas worked with both of them, but his talents brought him to director level position at pivotal moments for both companies, including the launch of both Virgin American Airlines, and Apple RetailSee the full story here

Saranya Babu, VP of Marketing at Instapage on Marketing to Enterprise Companies

Saranya Babu is a product and technical marketing expert who is currently using her talents as the VP of Marketing at Instapage. Her career began as a software engineer and quickly transformed into product marketing as she developed an affinity specifically working with customers and partners. As a product marketer with B2B SaaS companies, sheSee the full story here

Tye DeGrange, Founder and CEO of Round Barn Labs on Growth Marketing as an Agency

Tye DeGrange is the founder and CEO of Round Barn Labs, a growth marketing consultancy based in San Francisco focused on providing “growth as a service” for startups seeking to generate traction. Many marketers get their start in messaging, branding, and the qualitative components of delivering a value proposition to the right audience. However, TyeSee the full story here

Zack Onisko, VP of Growth at Hired on Responsibly Managing Your Paid Acquisition Budget

Zack Onisko is a veteran of the San Francisco Bay Area growth marketing community. For the past 15 years, he has been growing and scaling companies with multiple acquisitions including Creative Market, acquired by Autodesk in 2013, as well as BranchOut, acquired by 1-Page in 2014. The topics discussed in this episode include modern marketing design trends, scalable vs. non-scalable growth, and responsibly managing your advertising budget. See the full story here

Guillaume Cabane, VP of Growth at Segment on Post-Acquisition Personalization and Multi-Touch Attribution

Advertising personalization is important to demonstrating a UVP for your target personas to increasing your conversion rates and your paid media’s ROI. However, maintaining that personalization throughout your funnel and into the product will also improve the customer journey experience and ultimately generate revenue. B2B marketing expert, Guillaume Cabane, VP of Growth at Segment, shares his expertise on post-acquisition personalization and multi-touch attribution. See the full story here

Yuriy Timen, Head of Growth and Marketing at Grammarly on Sequential Advertising and Quality Content

Sequential advertising, aspirational vs. featured focused value proposition, and the value of quality written content are among the topics discussed by Yuriy Timen, Head of Growth and Marketing at Grammarly.. With Yuriy’s expertise, Grammarly bootstrapped its way to over eight million users to become one of the most popular and perhaps the fastest growing Google chrome extensions.
See the full story here

Andrew Dumont, VP of Marketing at Bitly on Account Based Marketing

Andrew Dumont, VP of Marketing at Bitly, has been on the front lines of digital marketing for the past ten years with companies like Moz and as the entrepreneur in residence at Betaworks, the startup studio behind companies like Digg and Giphy. Join Andrew for a discussion on the importance of sophistication to your marketing campaigns and the current challenges Bitly faces as it promotes its new software solution to an enterprise audience. See the full story here