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The Advertising Influencers Podcast

Marketing thought leaders from Silicon Valley and beyond, share their stories of breaking through the noise to build respected brands and successful businesses.


Sean McQuaid, Affiliate Manager at Instapage on Affiliate Marketing

Sean McQuaid is the Affiliate Manager at Instapage. Since joining Instapage at the beginning of 2016, Sean has built the …

Affiliate Manager, Instapage See the full story


Patrick Holmes, Paid Marketing Manager at Instapage on Advertising to Advertisers

Pat Holmes is in charge of the paid media and digital advertising at Instapage. After joining Instapage in late 2015, Pat …

Marketing Manager, Instapage See the full story


Nat Robinson, Head of Marketing at MileIQ on Mobile App Marketing

Nat Robinson is the Head of Marketing at MileIQ, a mobile that functions as an automatic mileage tracker for driving …

Head of Marketing and Growth, MileIQ See the full story


Olof Mathé, CEO and Cofounder of Mixmax on Creating Rich Product Experiences

Olof Mathé is the CEO and a co-founder of Mixmax, a company that is “bringing the power of the Web to …

CEO and Cofounder, Mixmax See the full story


Brian Balfour, Founder and CEO of Reforge on Professional Development for Marketers

Brian Balfour is the Founder and CEO of Reforge, an 8-week professional development program for experienced growth and …

Founder/CEO, Reforge See the full story


Kevin Miller, Director of Marketing at Spire on Marketing Wearable Technologies

Kevin Miller is the Director of Marketing at Spire, a wearable technology for tracking stress and activity by monitoring …

Director of Marketing, Spire See the full story


Emil Lamprecht, CEO of Growth Mechanics on The Entrepreneurial Marketing Mindset

Emil Lamprecht is CEO of Growth Mechanics, marketer behind the success of Europe’s #1 EdTech Startup, and manager of …

CEO, Growth Mechanics See the full story


Wade Foster, CEO of Zapier on Harvesting Existing Demand for Your Product

Wade Foster is the CEO and a co-founder of Zapier, an app that has revolutionized thousands of workflows for professionals. …

CEO, Zapier See the full story


JD Peterson, Chief Growth Officer at Culture Amp and Former CMO of Trello on Keeping Your Marketing (and Product) Simple

JD Peterson was the CMO of Trello when the company’s acquisition by Atlassian was announced in January 2017. He has …

Chief Growth Officer, Culture Amp See the full story


Jaleh Rezaei, Head of Marketing at Gusto on Scaling Paid Acquisition

Jaleh Razaei is the Head of Marketing at Gusto, formerly known as ZenPayroll, a company that helps thousands of small …

Head of Marketing, Gusto See the full story

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