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Hailey Friedman, Product Marketing Manager at RealtyShares on Networking and Learning as a Marketer

Hailey Friedman is the Product Marketing Manager at RealtyShares and the President of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of Badass Marketers and Founders, a highly curated Facebook group and community of over 15,000 professional marketers. The group was started by Josh Fechter, who handed it over to Hailey in mid-2017. Hailey started her careerSee the full story here

Leslie Campisi, CMO at Anthemis Group on PR, Holistic Attribution, and the Information Age

Leslie Campisi is the CMO at Anthemis Group, an early stage investment group, think tank, and consultancy for the financial services sector. Since 2010, Anthemis has developed a diverse portfolio of companies across a number of financial specific verticals, such as wealth and asset management, business and consumer banking, risk management, capital markets and trading,See the full story here

Josh Haynam, CEO of Interact on Listening to Your Users During Acquisition

Josh Haynam is a co-founder of Interact Quiz Builder, a tool used by more than 30,000 businesses including The American Red Cross, Budweiser, and Forbes. It’s possible that he’s probably seen more quizzes than the majority of all other marketers. Interact is a bootstrapped company launched in 2013 that has helped businesses bring in moreSee the full story here

Jon Bishop, Director of Growth at Heap Analytics on Small Marketing Teams

Jon Bishop is the Director of Growth at Heap Analytics, a self-serve analytics SaaS product that has changed the ability for non-technical professionals to access deep insights driven by data without the assistance of an engineer. Previously, Jon worked at Periscope Data, another data analytics growth company, in which he multiplied revenue by 48x. JonSee the full story here

Sean Zinsmiester, VP of Product Marketing at Infer on Creating Soulful Marketing with Data

Sean Zinsmeister is the VP of Product Marketing at Infer, a predictive analytics and AI platform for enterprise companies. As a full-stack marketer well versed in channels across the entire marketing funnel, Sean’s career spans from time as a writer to marketing operations and product marketing. Sean is also a cohost of Stack and Flow,See the full story here

Steven McKie, Head of Growth at Purse.io on Blockchain and Advertising

Steven McKie is a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast, evangelist, and expert, having participated in the cryptocurrency space since 2012. Steven got his start in Bitcoin when he was studying Information Systems and Technology at Old Dominion University. However, he’s taken his experience in the blockchain space beyond working as an IT specialist and engineer toSee the full story here

Dan McGaw, CMO of Effin Amazing on The VICE A/B Testing Framework

Dan McGaw is a seasoned veteran of the growth marketing and analytics space with a passion and talent for helping companies extract and interpret the right data to grow their businesses. He is currently the CMO and Founder of Effin Amazing, an analytics and growth consultancy specialized in using data and analytics tools to increaseSee the full story here

Nathan Barry, CEO of ConvertKit on Word of Mouth, Email, and Crowded Markets

Nathan Barry is the CEO and Founder of ConvertKit, an email marketing solution built specifically for the needs of professional content creators including bloggers, podcasters, online course creators, and more. He founded ConvertKit in Boise, Idaho in 2013 and has been growing the product ever since. Nathan’s initial background in UX and UI turned himSee the full story here

Jordan Crawford, Founder at Scout on Postcard Marketing

Jordan Crawford is a Co-Founder and CEO of Scout, a company creating the next generation of postcard marketing by bringing all the benefits of digital advertising, targeting, and tracking to this previously analog channel. He also runs Postcard Marketing Pros, a Facebook group for direct mail marketers. Scout launched out of Rocketship Labs in San Francisco.See the full story here

Scott Lewis, CEO and Founder of KickFactory on Real Time Social Advertising and Sales

Scott Lewis is the CEO and founder of KickFactory, a social engagement platform built on Artificial Intelligence that helps give companies a competitive edge by reaching customers before they start to shop. KickFactory launched in 2013 out of Chicago and serves a wide variety of companies from startups to Fortune 500 brands including Domino’s, Sears,See the full story here

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