What is Facebook Advertising?

Why should you read this guide?

Find out why you should consider creating Facebook marketing campaigns, and how Facebook ads compare to Google AdWords.

Learn how to create and optimize marketing campaigns in Facebook from scratch.

Discover the different types of Facebook ads, and how you can use each ad type to fulfill your marketing objective.

Find out how to create the perfect post-click experience, by creating an optimized, message matched landing page for every Facebook ad.

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The guide begins by describing how Facebook advertising works and why you should consider investing in Facebook ads. Also, included in the chapter are Facebook’s Audience Insights and the whole array of targeting options offered by the network.

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Setting up Facebook Advertising

Find out the step by step process of creating and optimizing a Facebook campaign from scratch. The chapter also explains how to launch a remarketing campaign on Facebook.

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All Types of Facebook Ads

Discussed in this chapter are all the different types of Facebook ads that the social media network offers. Each ad type is discussed with real-world examples, plus you can find all the ad specifications, helping you create ads faster.

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Measuring Facebook Ad Performance

Find out the important metrics you need to know to track Facebook ad performance. The chapter discusses the importance of ad impressions, actions, reach, and CPA among other metrics.

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Optimizing the Post-Click Experience with Facebook Ads & Landing Pages

The chapter talks about the importance of optimizing the post-click experience by creating optimized ads, and connecting them to relevant, message matched, navigation free landing pages in light of real-world examples.

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