NetSearch Digital Marketing amplifies PPC campaign performance with Instapage

NetSearch capitalizes on Instapage Collaboration Solution and extensive integration partnerships to increase their clients’ PPC campaigns’ ROI

31% average

31% average

conversion rate across clients (18% increase)

40% decrease

40% decrease

in average cost per lead across clients

95% of clients

95% of clients

meeting cost per lead campaign objectives

NetSearch Digital Marketing
Name: NetSearch Digital Marketing
Employees: 50+
Location: Richmond, VA

NetSearch Digital Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization, search advertising, web design, and franchise marketing. Established in 2006, NetSearch’s client base primarily consists of service industry providers, including lawyers, plumbers, carpet cleaners, and landscapers. NetSearch is a Google Premier Partner agency and was included in the both the 2015 and 2016 Inc. 5000 Lists of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies


Increase client conversion rates; lower cost per lead

Business situation

When deploying a successful PPC campaign, it’s critical to execute quickly, make adjustments on-the-fly, and continually optimize. The slightest bottleneck can negatively impact the number of customers acquired. NetSearch Digital Marketing was spending hours building custom HTML post-click landing pages for their clients. It was time-consuming, they weren’t able to make changes quickly, and production was often delayed waiting on client feedback. With the volume of requests for post-click landing pages increasing, Netsearch decided to make the move to a post-click platform to improve their efficiencies.

Instapage outperforms the competition

NetSearch’s journey to Instapage was an arduous one. Prior to adopting Instapage as their post-click platform, NetSearch tested two competitors and found their interfaces complicated and cluttered, did nothing to alleviate the long production times, and produced inadequate results. Three more post-click landing page deployment tests, and hours of lost productivity later, NetSearch found Instapage. With Instapage, NetSearch accelerated their post-click landing page creation process, increased their clients’ average conversion rates, and decreased their average cost per lead.

Features required for any agency

The Instapage Collaboration Solution became an essential component in NetSearch’s post-click design and review process by enabling Netsearch’s client services department to seamlessly collect feedback, make edits, and get approvals on client post-click landing pages. With Instapage, NetSearch could go from ideation to publication in as little as 1-2 hours. They also use the branded email notification feature to send leads to their clients, reinforcing their brand’s value.

Pleasing clients with native integrations

NetSearch’s clients utilize a range of integrations, nearly all of which are native to the Instapage platform. These integrations became an integral part of providing better service and value to their clients. The HubSpot integration was particularly beneficial and allowed NetSearch to seamlessly push converted leads into their HubSpot database for further lead nurturing.


With 95% of their client ad spend going towards Google Ads (formerly AdWords,) NetSearch Digital Marketing keeps a close eye on campaign performance and how to best optimize their conversion rates. With Instapage, NetSearch saw their metrics drastically improve:


NetSearch Digital Marketing both increased conversion rates and lowered cost per leads for their clients, an objective that no post-click platform competitor was able to achieve. Now NetSearch has 117 active PPC campaigns using Instapage as their post-click solution.

First, we built custom HTML post-click landing pages. Then we tried two other post-click platform competitors. It wasn’t until we started using Instapage did we see the results of our PPC campaigns increase significantly.

Justin Buhl - Digital Services Manager

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