LeadIQ increases lead database by 325%
with optimized post-click experiences

LeadIQ drops competitor to build custom desktop and mobile responsive experiences with Instapage

Increased conversion rates by 8%

Increased conversion rates by 8%

with new average conversion rate at 28%

42.5% conversion rate

42.5% conversion rate

for webinar campaign

325% increase

325% increase

in leads database

Name: LeadIQ
Employees: 108
Location: Burlingame, CA

LeadIQ is a lead capture tool that enables users to find prospects and discover contact information of potential customers online. When provided with a name and company, LeadIQ will automatically find emails, phone numbers, and company data, helping sales teams improve productivity by 3-5x.


Streamline post-click landing page design process; increase conversion rates.

Business situation

LeadIQ needed a post-click solution that improved their workflow and their lead generation efforts. Having previously relied on their developers to build custom coded post-click landing pages, LeadIQ tried a competitor before coming to Instapage. Unfortunately, the competitor’s complicated builder and inability to create mobile-responsive pages only made it more challenging to design and optimize the post-click landing page.

Instapage saves the day

After using a competitor for four months, LeadIQ made the move to Instapage to build personalized experiences for their email, affiliate, and social marketing campaigns. If the ease-of-use and intuitive nature of the Instapage product weren’t enough, the ability to build multiple marketing funnels through native integrations with Instapage at the core of each campaign sealed the deal.

Transforming mobile post-click landing pages into lead machines

Mobile is a critical piece to LeadIQ’s marketing strategy. LeadIQ built mobile responsive post-click landing pages with Instapage, optimizing copy and design for the smaller screen. This contributed to a 325% increase in the team’s overall lead count.


After moving to Instapage, the leads came pouring in:


LeadIQ made Instapage their post-click platform of choice after finding other methods of creating post-click landing pages difficult, time-consuming, and with no return on their investment. With Instapage, the team was able to focus their time on maximizing their marketing efforts and driving conversions on both desktop and mobile.

With Instapage, we’ve been able to focus on getting customers and showing prospects our product value. Making custom post-click landing pages for our multiple funnels has never been more efficient and valuable.

Ryan O’Hara - VP of Marketing and Growth

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