Lemonade Stand Scales Output Through Improved Efficiencies in Google Ads (formerly AdWords) Campaigns

Lemonade Stand Scales Output Through Improved Efficiencies in AdWord Campaigns

Lemonade Stand retains clients, generates new business, and accelerates the design process by deploying landing pages with Instapage

Call conversions for client
Call conversions for client

increased by more than 220%

Form conversions for client
Form conversions for client

increased by 26%

Mobile conversions
Mobile conversions

increased by 215%

Name: Lemonade Stand
Employees: 10
Location: Riverside, California

Lemonade Stand is a full-service digital marketing agency with offices in Riverside and San Diego, California servicing clients in a wide range of industries. They specialize in website development, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, analytics, and video production.


Maximize conversions for client PPC campaigns; remove design bottlenecks

Business Situation

Lemonade Stand’s marketing team faced multiple bottlenecks as they tried to efficiently manage their resources, quickly create digital campaigns, maintain high quality service that their clients had come to expect, and grow their business. Lemonade Stand needed a landing page builder for their Google Ads (formerly AdWords) campaigns that would speed up the design review process and better utilize their existing developer and design resources.

Completing the Marketing Stack

Lemonade Stand was looking for a best-of-breed landing page solution to add to the marketing team’s existing stack. The team found the design-friendly features (notably grouping and alignment), mobile responsiveness, customizability, and ease-of-use positioned Instapage ahead of all competing platforms.

Instapage Generates New Business

Client feedback to the landing pages created by the team at Lemonade Stand was unanimously positive. Once prospective clients discovered how Lemonade Stand could quickly create on-brand, conversion-ready landing pages from scratch, new business rolled in.


Lemonade Stand not only saved on developer resources and brought in new client work, but also saw an increase in conversions for its clients’ paid search campaigns:

Lemonade Stand’s ability to deploy landing pages quickly with Instapage has also allowed the team to create many keyword-specific landing pages. Each point in Quality Score has decreased Lemonade Stand’s cost per click by 16%.


With Instapage, Lemonade Stand was able to more efficiently spend its time and resources on what mattered: building beautifully designed, conversion-ready landing pages for their clients, at scale. The revenue generated by each campaign was maximized due to reduced production costs, speed to market, and better allocation of designer and developer resources.

If you think about it, what is the cost of a really good web developer? With Instapage, you can have a designer and turn him/her into a developer without having to actually hire a developer. That’s an entire salary. For an agency, you’re adding an entire new position to your team.

Greg Trimble - Founder and CEO

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