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What is a Pitch Page?

by Fahad Muhammad in Conversion Optimization pitch page

One hears the word pitch and our mind automatically crosses over to curve balls and splitters, and well it ought to because after all it’s all in the word.

It should be since this wordplay is quite suitable, what is a pitch page if not a way of pitching your product or service to your clients hoping and praying that they’ll hit a home run with it.

Because the crux of all your marketing efforts lies in the fact that when you make a customer happy, it’s not only them who are happy, but you too have a content smile on your face.

Pitch pages help you attract customers to your products and services, and because not every product or service is the same, the pitch page that you publish for your potential visitors also has different types.

We’ll be discussing the different types of pitch pages that you can use to make an impact on your campaigns.

Affiliate Pitch Page

A lot of visitors cringe at the very thought of an affiliate landing page. This is because these types of pitch pages are infamous for being generic, boring and too “salesy” in their approach. And for your affiliate landing page to break this mold it needs to be original, credible and creative.

Product Pitch Page

As is apparent from the name, a product pitch page showcases your product, rather than focusing on the lead capture form that is the prime emphasis of a lead capture landing page, a product pitch page lets the product be the center of attention.

This spotlight that you shine on your product can be done in several ways; you can highlight the benefits of the product by using one of Instapage’s product perfection pitch page templates like the one below.

Or if you think that the few lines on the landing page don’t do your phenomenal product or page purpose justice you can even embed a presentation on your pitch page.

You can either use Prezi or Slideshare for your presentations as both the platforms are known for professional presentations that can easily be added your a landing page.

While these things might seem hard for you to achieve it is easy if you have at your disposal an awesome pre-made pitch page template, and where would you get one of those you ask?

From Instapage!

Instapage has launched optimized landing page templates that have the oomph that your affiliate or product pitch page needs to have an effect on your visitors. All that needs to be done with these templates is a little personalizing. Just click and edit anything you want on the template through our free landing page builder.

It’s that simple.

When you use Instapage for your landing page needs you get a pitch page that has message consistency, a bang on lead capture form, all the trust elements that you desire and an effective CTA button.

Pitch pages are an effective tool for highlighting your star product or service in front of your clients. Remember though, if you want to hit a home run with your product you’ll need to perfect your pitch.

Because only a perfect pitch page gets, the job done right!

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Fahad Muhammad

by Fahad Muhammad

Fahad is a Content Writer at Instapage specializing in advertising platforms, industry trends, optimization best practices, marketing psychology, and SEO. He has been writing about landing pages, advertising trends, and personalization for 11+ years.

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