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Instapage Stands with Ukraine

by Sarah Flores in Instapage Updates We stand with Ukraine

Over the past month, we’ve been saddened, frustrated and angered by the invasion of Ukraine. Our employees in Poland and Romania have seen their neighbors under attack, and have experienced firsthand the wave of refugees in crisis because of senseless violence.

Our thoughts are with Ukrainians every day, and we’re taking steps to support those who are threatened by the attacks. We encourage other businesses to take a similar stand and consider how they can use their talents to impact the current state of our world.

Help us support those in crisis

While every business cannot support Ukraine in the same ways, we can all use our strengths to help the Ukrainian people get through these events. At Instapage, we’re taking the following actions.

  • Refugee assistance support. We have been inspired by the selflessness of Postclick employees who have taken in refugees during this horrific time. To help ease this burden, we’ve extended financial and logistics support for any of our teammates who are helping Ukrainian refugees with transportation, medical care, food or housing.
  • Temporary relocation support. We are offering financial and logistics assistance for our employees that need to temporarily relocate for their physical safety or mental health.
  • Donations. Your donations can help. We selected these four organizations because we have high confidence that the funds will provide some immediate support to the people and children in Ukraine:
  • Payment relief. We are extending relief from payment for our customers that have been directly and significantly impacted by the war.
  • Landing page optimization support. We are reaching out to Ukrainian relief organizations to offer landing page creation and optimization at no charge to help facilitate more rapid fundraising support.
  • Time off. This conflict has created significant stress and anxiety for our employees. We are encouraging them to take time as needed to attend protests, provide refugee support, relocate, and protect their mental health.

No matter how small or large your business is, some of the simplest ways to get involved are to provide your product for support efforts, and to help your employees support where they can.

Let’s make a powerful statement

As we try to help Ukrainans from near and far, we are keeping all of those affected in our thoughts. We also hope that this situation can be resolved as quickly as possible.

It’s our sincere hope that we can make an impact, and we’d love to hear any ideas on how else we can help. You can let us know by replying to any emails you receive from us. If you’re not on our email list, please connect with Hunter Sunrise.


Sarah Flores

by Sarah Flores

Sarah is a copywriter at Postclick, where she specializes in creating customer-focused advertising in the digital age. She prides herself on developing content that unearths valuable insight while being simple to comprehend. When she’s not typing away on the keyboard, you’ll likely find her running on one of Austin’s many scenic trails.

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