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Learn How to Automatically Create Responsive Page Experiences

by Brandon Weaver in Instapage Updates Responsive Page Experiences

Desktop, mobile, tablets… In our multi-screen society, you never know what device someone is using to visit your post-click landing page experience. post-click landing pages that neglect to optimize for desktop, mobile, and tablet viewing are often difficult to navigate, and deter potential conversions as visitors become frustrated and abandon your page. This scenario is amplified when you consider 57% of all U.S. online traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets.

And let’s face it — nobody wants to pinch and zoom.

For advertisers and marketers who decide to optimize their page experiences across different devices, designing and updating dedicated mobile and tablet experiences is time-consuming. Today more than ever it’s important for advertisers and marketers to build mobile-responsive experiences.

Instead of creating a dedicated post-click landing page experience for each screen size and resolution, you deserve a better solution. That solution should allow you to create a single page experience that automatically scales to match the device it’s viewed on, saving valuable resources while optimizing for conversions.

Now you have it with Responsive Page Experiences.

What are Responsive Page Experiences in Instapage?

Starting today, you can launch fully responsive post-click landing pages to optimize experiences across different desktop and mobile devices. Our platform automatically scales page content and elements to match the screen size on which page experiences are viewed. Now, your visitors will have consistent experiences that are optimized for their device and screen size without having to pan, zoom, or scroll.

Together with near-instantaneous page load speed (more on this later), your visitors can now experience fast loading experiences across all their devices. Responsive Page Experiences are supported across all popular device types, sizes and resolutions, including popular smartphones, tablets, and desktop models.

How is this different than being mobile responsive?

Long ago, Instapage post-click landing pages were made mobile responsive, but this new feature is not just about mobile. This update is about browsers, too, because all new page experiences are fully responsive on popular devices across major web browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

The combination of Responsive Page Experiences, AMP, and mobile responsive features like hiding mobile blocks, mobile block regeneration and mobile aspect-ratio locking makes Instapage the post-click optimization platform with the most comprehensive mobile-optimization features in the market.

How it works

For the technically curious, our page experiences switch from desktop view to mobile view at 768px and our mobile content size is 400px. Scaling occurs when the screen size is smaller than the content size (between 768px-1200px) and when the screen size is below 400. When the device screen size is smaller than the content size, the content automatically scales to fit the device screen size. If screen size is larger than the content, the content size remains fixed.

What else comes with the feature?

Increasing page speed is not a new revelation for digital marketers. It’s obvious by now, but let us ask you this…

Do you have a proprietary algorithm like the Thor Render Engine™?

Regardless of the device used, your pages load faster than ever. As it debuted in December 2018 with 4 new product features, the Instapage Thor Render Engine™ is significantly faster. Instapage customers can earn up to 3x faster pages. Using Google PageSpeed Insights, we ran a sample test to show the improvements.

Comparing the old generator with the Thor Render Engine™

The example here is the same exact page, the only difference being that the first result used the old page generator, whereas the second result shows page speed with Thor Render Engine™:

Responsive Page Experiences old generator

Responsive Page Experiences new generator

Scoring a 56 on the first test, and increasing it to 95 on the second test is a 58.9% increase in page load speed.

How to activate the Thor Render Engine™

New pages will automatically use the new page generator, but for existing pages, users need to “Update Changes” and then confirm that you want to transition.

Note: This product update is separate from AMP post-click landing pages because they are different code frameworks. For details on AMP, read our official product announcement here.

Pain points and how Responsive Page Experiences solve them

Pain point 1

I want to serve responsive page experiences to my different visitors, but lack the additional resources to code my pages as such.


Instapage post-click landing page experiences are built-in with fully responsive design by default and automatically scales to optimally fit devices with various screen sizes.

Pain point 2

My visitors come from many different types and sizes of devices. I need a solution that will automatically adjust my post-click landing page experiences to display optimally regardless of the device and resolution.


Instapage post-click landing page experiences are built-in with fully responsive design that automatically scales to optimally fit devices with various screen sizes. The Instapage responsive page experience allows your visitors to consistently experience a conversion-optimized version of your post-click landing page, regardless of the device used.

Pain point 3

I need a better way of delivering optimized experiences to my visitors than individually creating dedicated experiences for different devices and screen sizes.


Instapage responsive page experiences allow you to create one page that intuitively resizes to fit different screen sizes.

Provide your visitors with the best experience yet

Nobody wants to pinch and zoom, and we all want things done now without having to wait. Your prospects and customers are no different.

Don’t leave your conversions up to chance. Drive conversions with responsive page experiences across all popular devices and resolutions. Find out how to create responsive page experiences by signing up for an Instapage Enterprise demo today.

Brandon Weaver

by Brandon Weaver

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