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How Keap Uses Retargeting Post-Click Landing Pages to Generate New Signups & Demos

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Every ad represents a conversion opportunity. Unfortunately, most opportunities are wasted since only 4% of ads result in conversions. When there’s no message relevance between the pre- and post-click landing pages, prospects get confused and don’t click the CTA button.

To ensure an ad click generates conversions, you can’t afford to have a disjointed experience. This is especially true for retargeting campaigns, as they represent a last-ditch effort to call back prospects who have wandered away from your website without converting.

Let’s take Keap retargeting ads and post-click landing pages as an example.

Keap’s Google search result

When someone searches Google for Keap they see the following organic link:

Keap organic search result

The search result provides an overview of Keap, how it helps customers grow their business, improve customer service, and increase sales. The extension links point out to different pages on the website for specific information.

The primary link at the top takes prospects to Keap’s homepage (more on that later). After the prospect exits the homepage, the company begins showing retargeting ads to catch their attention again and nudge them back to their platform.

Here is the retargeting sequence Keap uses after someone visits their website.

Keap’s retargeting display ads

The first banner ad is straightforward and reminds prospects what the platform specializes in. The “Learn More” CTA button plays on the user’s curiosity and urges them to click through the ad:

Keap retargeting banner ad

Another retargeting ad includes the same copy, but also uses a mobile phone to showcase the platform is capable of functioning on mobile:

Keap retargeting banner ad learn more

Both ads take prospects to this post-click page:

Keap retargeting landing page

  • The headline describes what the platform does in that their software is the best way to run a small business. The subheadline explains why the CRM is best suited for small businesses as it helps owners organize everything and deliver amazing service to close more deals. The headline fulfills the promise in the ad since it helps users “Learn more.”
  • The header image is similar to the one in the ad, reassuring prospects that they’ve come to the right place and also features a snapshot of the dashboard on mobile.
  • The benefits section (arrows) explains how the software helps customers organize client information and their daily work in one place. For example, Keap customers get paid easily by tracking outstanding invoices.
  • The customer testimonial provides social proof and helps prospects visualize how the service will make their business run smoothly:

Keap landing page testimonial

  • The “transform the way you run your business” slider demonstrates how Keap enables prospects to take more efficient and streamlined business decisions.
  • The two CTA buttons let people choose their next engagement with Keap — a demo or start a free trial with the platform:

Keap landing page CTA button options

Clicking “See Demo,” prospects will see the following pop-up form:

Keap retargeting landing page popup demo form

Submitting your email address gives prospects the opportunity to become familiar with the CRM platform. Meanwhile, when a user clicks the “free trial” button they are directed to this dedicated signup page:

Keap free trial signup form

The page showcases a signup form that prospects need to complete to start their free trial and begin turning leads into satisfied clients.

Keap’s retargeting ads and post-click landing pages are optimized to allow prospects to rediscover what the platform offers and its full benefits. Each CTA button leads prospects down a different path depending on whether they’re ready to start using the software or still need to understand it better.

Now let’s see what would happen if Keap connected their retargeting ads with their homepage instead of a standalone post-click landing page.

Compared to Keap’s homepage experience

The homepage provides a general overview of the CRM software’s capabilities:

Keap homepage

  • The navigation links in the header take users to different pages on the website, such as the pricing page, resources, and the features page.
  • The headline identifies the service’s UVP, telling prospects that they’re in the business of helping businesses. The graphic underneath allows prospects to scroll through the tasks the platform helps them with:

Keap homepage graphic slider

  • The two CTA buttons underneath the graphic lets users perform two actions — either click the 14-day free trial button and go to a dedicated signup page or click the “See How” button and land on the features page, which promotes the demo offer.
  • All features are displayed on different page sections, each depicting the feature alongside GIFs that show the platform’s dashboard. The copy talks about how Keap helps customers grow their business. For example, the “Automate your sales and marketing” section showcases the campaign builder and how it automatically captures and tags new leads. Each section has a CTA that directs prospects to a page that talks specifically about that Keap capability:

Keap homepage features

  • The featured free guide talks about automating sales and marketing, and is meant for prospects who want to understand automation better before they commit to a trial or Keap demo:

Keap homepage free guide CTA

  • “Is Keap right for your business?” simplifies why prospects should consider signing up, along with a link to the pricing page.
  • The pricing section gives users a snapshot of the starting price and capabilities that are included in the package. There’s another testimonial in this section to persuade users with social proof.
  • The reviews and TrustPilot badge demonstrate credibility. Plus, users get additional reasons to sign up for the CRM software.
  • The page footer is brimming with navigation links that make it easier for prospects to go through the website and get more information on a variety of topics:

Keap homepage footer

  • Keap’s homepage is meant for a browsing experience. The homepage is not dedicated to any single offer that would warrant immediate action from a prospect, which is the goal for all ads (including retargeting ads).

This is why the platform has created personalized post-click landing pages to go along with their retargeting ads.

Successfully retarget prospects with post-click landing pages

Retargeting allows you to engage prospects who have navigated away from your platform without taking action. Sending prospects from a retargeting ad to a busy homepage meant for browsing won’t likely produce conversions.

Always connect retargeting ads with dedicated post-click landing pages that succinctly reiterate your offer and persuade prospects to become customers. To learn more about creating 1:1 ad-to-page post-click landing pages, request an Instapage Personalization Demo today.

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