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Special Announcement: Experimentation & Personalization 2.0

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Nearly every day since the “the Instapage” special announcement in September, our team has been hard at work on the future of our platform and the value it provides you, our growing user base.

Already, we’ve seen many of you start to use the AdMap™ beta to connect your unique Google Ads to message matched landing pages and even fully personalized experiences. We can already see early signs of how it’s streamlining legacy workflows as digital marketing managers and creatives work together to deploy and increase the scale in which relevant ad-to-page experiences are deployed.

Furthermore, our new Postclick Score™ beta is establishing a new “ideal state” baseline for growth marketers. Which is used to more easily communicate the value of post-click optimization to marketing executives and other stakeholders.

And yet, both of these product releases were just the beginning.

Today, I’m excited to show you how the next three product releases (plus a bonus item) will work, what benefits they’ll provide, and when over the next month, you’ll get access. Everything we’re announcing today is either available now or by January 7th.

I had some fun with today’s announcements and decided to personally handcraft the below videos to give you a sneak peek of what’s coming soon. Enjoy!

Shipping December 9th – Experimentation 2.0

So, the new Experimentation product makes it easier to deploy experiments faster from a dedicated dashboard. Which is separate from the landing page creation process. Create, manage, and measure the conversion impact of testing initiatives within a centralized dashboard.

Shipping December 16th – A New User Experience

We separated the application into two primary parts. On the left-hand sidebar, you’ll find product navigation, administration controls, and your collaboration inbox. On the right, you’ll find a primary workspace for all of your product workflows: Postclick Dashboard, AdMap, Landing Pages, Experimentation, Personalization, & Analytics Monitoring.

Shipping January 7th – Personalization 2.0

The redesigned Personalization product will have its own dedicated workflow so you can effortlessly create and manage personalized audience experiences.

Available today – AdMap v.1.5

The changes will be available to everyone as part of the new Business plan transition starting next month.

In closing, our team is working harder and faster than ever on building an even better Instapage. The new Instapage will provide you with an unmatched return on your advertising efforts.

2020 here we come!

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