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One of the biggest obstacles to digital campaign success is page performance. Even minor improvements to landing page conversion rates can increase sales and revenue over time.

Despite this obvious value, many companies lack the bandwidth or CRO expertise to run experiments and improve their campaigns—leaving money on the table. So savvy marketers are taking advantage of new advancements in AI to help build and optimize their pages.

At Instapage, we’re constantly improving our platform with new ways to build and optimize high-converting landing pages. We recently released AI Experiments, a new way to run intelligent optimization experiments on your landing pages without the same level of manual effort.

With AI Experiments, you can:

  • Speed up experimentation and get insights faster
  • Send more traffic to better test variants
  • Earn higher conversion rates over time

In this blog post, we’ll walk through the benefits of AI Experiments and show you how AI features can accelerate your optimization efforts and improve your return on ad spend.

Experiment with Dynamic Traffic Allocation

AI Experiments use artificial intelligence to power a form of experiment called dynamic traffic allocation, which tracks the progress of an experiment and directs traffic to higher-performing test variations.

This experiment type differs from traditional A/B testing in a few ways. In a standard A/B/n test, traffic is split evenly between two or more page variants. The test runs for long enough to achieve statistical significance—in other words, until the test has been performed with enough viewers to reliably show a clear winner.

AI Experiments begin in a similar way, with multiple page variants. After a warm up period, the AI system identifies the highest performing variants up to that point, and those variants receive a higher percentage of traffic over time. As the experiment progresses and the degree of certainty changes, the traffic will continue to shift, and eventually the system will identify the test variant with the highest probability of winning.

This approach has a few advantages over A/B tests.

  • Faster time-to-insights. Dynamic traffic allocation removes the need to wait for statistical significance, so you can benefit from improved pages faster.
  • Fewer lost conversions. Because a lower percentage of traffic is routed to suboptimal test variants, you no longer need to trade conversions for insights.
  • Less manual effort. Let the AI system manage your experiments for you, without a high degree of manual effort.

Start performing AI Experiments today

AI Experiments are now available to Instapage customers on the Convert Plan. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, our traditional A/B testing options are still available. With the addition of AI Experiments, Instapage customers can improve their campaign results faster than ever.

An important reminder—AI is a powerful tool for conversion rate optimization, but it’s not a silver bullet. AI can’t make decisions in a vacuum—it needs human input and guidance to be effective.

If you want to benefit from AI Experiments and CRO expertise, the Instapage Convert plan may be the right choice for your business. Schedule a demo with our team to learn how to achieve better results from your digital campaigns. See all Instapage plans here.

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