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Think about the best ad you’ve ever seen. What makes it stick in your mind? Did the ad convince you to become a loyal customer? Chances are, probably not.

I can picture the Allstate Mayhem commercials, with Dean Winters playing mayhem personified. And while the amusing and exaggerated scenarios depicted in the commercials are memorable, it personally hasn’t swayed me to buy Allstate insurance.

If done well, ads can pull at our heartstrings or make us laugh, making them memorable and great for brand awareness and sales, but there’s something far more powerful for creating brand loyalty and increasing customer engagement — event marketing.

When done right, event marketing can be one of your most impactful revenue channels. Unfortunately, an event can become unwieldy and cost-prohibitive for many companies. It takes strategic planning and execution to put on a successful event.

It can seem overwhelming if you’ve never planned or participated in a large-scale event, but our latest guide, What is Event Marketing? will, hopefully, make the process less daunting.

In this event marketing guide, you’ll learn:

  • How events can be used in your marketing strategy to build awareness and increase customer engagement.
  • The different types of events and the roles your company can have at events.
  • How to prepare for an event to ensure you maximize ROI.
  • The best strategies for following up with sales prospects after an event to maximize results.

event marketing guide page

To access the guide, click the image above or go directly to a specific chapter by following the links below.

Chapter 1: What is Event Marketing

This guide begins by defining event marketing, how it can benefit your company, and why you should make it part of your marketing strategy. Also discussed is how Dunkin’ Donuts engaged with its audience with Facebook Live.

Chapter 2: Why are Companies Using Event Marketing?

Businesses choose to host or participate in events for many reasons. In this chapter, we explore the five biggest reasons companies incorporate event marketing into their overall strategy: branding and awareness, customer engagement, lead generation, education, and upselling customers. Examples in this chapter include (among others) Dreamforce, the Super Bowl, and Tough Mudder.

Chapter 3: What Kind of Marketing Events are There?

To decide what type of event will have the biggest impact for your company, you first need to know what types of events exist. From webinars, live streams, conferences, and more, chapter 3 explains each online and in-person event and the differences between all of them.

Chapter 4: What Role Can My Company Have at an Event?

Companies can either host, sponsor, or speak at events. Chapter 4 details each role, what questions to ask before hosting an event, the main reasons for sponsoring, and why being an event speaker can position your brand as a thought leader.

Chapter 5: How Should I Prepare for Marketing Events?

Preparation is imperative to having a successful event. But what’s the first step? It’s all about deciding what success means for your team, setting realistic expectations, and how to promote your event (or presence at an event) using both online and offline techniques. Examples in chapter 5 include Sega, Dreamforce, and Cirrus Insight.

Chapter 6: What are Event Marketing Strategies for During the Event?

This chapter dives into what the best marketers do at events to ensure they meet their goals, such as providing demos, engaging with customers, and using social media to interact with attendees to keep the momentum going.

Chapter 7: What Should I Do When Our Marketing Events are Over?

Just because your event is over doesn’t mean you’re done. Chapter 7 explains how to follow up with leads with a sincere thank you, how to repurpose content, and how to use data to evaluate your event’s success.

Start planning your next event today

Whether you’re attending your first conference, hosting a customer appreciation dinner for loyal customers, or are the keynote speaker, our new event marketing guide can help you prepare for a rewarding event.

We encourage you to use this guide as a reference point for what you should be doing pre, post, and during your event to ensure you meet your team’s expectations.

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