The Best Digital Marketing Trends of 2016 & Predictions for 2017 [Video]

by Kevin Lynch in Lead Generation

In late December 2015 we debuted a video we called Modern Marketing Trends. That inaugural video was a tongue-in-jowl look back at the year that was in digital marketing. And though it weighed in at a whopping nine and a half minutes — yes, we know that shorter is better and that long videos fly in the face of all that is sacred among the creators of video content — we released it anyway.

Why? Because the video was irreverent, and what is irreverence if not daring?

While Modern Marketing Trends was in development none of us here at Instapage had any idea how it might be received. Ideally, it would be met with cheers and accolades. Less ideal, it might have landed with a thud that echoed into the void. Worst case, outright derision.

Happily, Modern Marketing Trends was a hit and has turned out to be one of the most popular pieces of content our video team has produced. The video has been so well-liked that many of you contacted us asking if and when we planned on making another.

Emboldened by our success and encouraged by an, evidently, ever-expanding fanbase that relishes digital marketing humor, we, once again, have abandoned reason and it is with great delight that we present to you Modern Marketing Trends II.

This year’s episode follows the same format — a recap of what was most memorable and/or notable in the digital marketing space during 2016, followed by our predictions for the coming year; all wrapped up in layers of high-brow humor, rapier-sharp wit and the comedic nuance you’ve come to expect from (insert the name of your favorite nuanced comedy here.)

It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future

Before we launch into what’s in the latest MMT, let’s take a second to point out how prescient our digital marketing predictions were in the first episode of MMT.

As a reminder, we called out these three trends:

  • A reliance on the part of businesses to utilize more mobile optimization
  • More social media diversification
  • The elevation of content marketing as the dominant marketing channel

Mobile optimization

This graph shows marketers that mobile usage has grown 58% year over year for businesses.

Social media diversification

This graph shows marketers that social media diversification is one of the biggest digital marketing trends to increase engagement.

The domination of content marketing

This graph shows marketers that 88% of businesses use content marketing to increase leads and sales.

Not to break our collective arm patting ourselves on our collective back, but… Nailed it! We called these now best practices in their infancy, and we’ve watched these trends grow into the strapping young bucks we all love and admire today.

Have our prestidigitation skills stayed sharp? We’ll have to wait another year to find out.

The sequel is never as good as the original

Not true. Toy Story 2 was way better than the original. And let’s not forget 22 Jump Street. Pure, indulgent, meta-comedy gold. And, The Dark Knight, a sequel of a bunch of other sequels, was amazing.

Is Modern Marketing Trends II a worthy addition to this list of better-than-the-original sequels? Watch and let us know.

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