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Look How Boomi Segments Their Ads & Post-Click Experiences for Different Audiences

by Fahad Muhammad in Landing Page Examples, Marketing Personalization Dell Boomi landing pages

Most ad clicks don’t convert – in fact, only 4% of ad clicks actually convert.

That’s a bleak stat, and one of the primary reasons 96% of ads don’t convert is because advertisers don’t continue the story narrative from ad to post-ad-click page. This is paramount to earning conversions because you continue the message throughout the pre- and post-click stages by providing relevancy.

A disjointed pre-click and post-click landing page confuses prospects because the expectations they set with the ad are not met on the post-click page — so they don’t convert. To convince visitors to convert, you must create segmented ads and unique, personalized post-click landing pages.

Let’s see how Boomi continues the same narrative from ads to post-click pages.

Google search ad for ‘IPaaS’

When a user Googles “IPaaS”, they see this Dell Boomi ad:

Dell Boomi IPaaS search ad example

The ad copy features information about the iPaaS Solutions, showcases a complimentary Gartner report that users can download, and talks about an SFDC Integration ebook. Upon clicking the ad headline, here’s the page the user arrives at:

Dell Boomi landing page Gartner report

  • The post-click page headline features the Gartner report that the ad headline mentioned, establishing the right connection between the ad and the page. The headline also mentions “iPaaS” which is exactly what the user was looking for based on their search query.
  • The copy describes what the user can expect to learn from the report including industry benchmarks, trends, and the latest developments in integration technology. It also mentions how the report will help users get a better understanding of iPaaS, as it includes information on iPaaS vendors, industry benchmarks, and trends.
  • The image gives a sneak preview of the report, helping users decide whether this will be something they want to download.
  • The customer count and badges provide social proof for Dell Boomi, so that users searching for an IPaaS solution can see that Dell Boomi has proven to be a successful solution for other brands.
  • The CTA button copy tells users that clicking the button after filling out the form will allow them to download the free report.

Google search ad SFDC ebook extension

The SFDC ebook extension in the IPaaS search ad mentions easy Salesforce app integration:

Dell Boomi sitelink extension

When users click the ad extension they arrive on this post-click page:

Dell Boomi Salesforce integration page

  • The ad extension and post-click page headline match, both featuring the Salesforce integration. The subheadline reiterates the offer to download the ebook.
  • The copy showcases everything the user will learn about the Salesforce integration by getting the ebook. For example, the ebook will define tips for success, a Salesforce integration project checklist and case studies. This is everything the user clicked the ad extension link to find out.
  • The image shows the ebook cover which is relevant to the offer.
  • The ‘Download now’ CTA button clarifies that they can get the ebook by completing the lead capture form.

Google search ad for ‘Boomi’s trial’

A user searching for a free trial for Dell Boomi sees this Google search ad:

Dell Boomi free trial search ad

The ad features two extension links, but the 30-day trial is precisely what the user was looking for. The ad copy is succinct, specifies the duration of the trial, and that the user can access all features and capabilities in the trial.

The ad extension directs to this page:

Dell Boomi trial page

  • The page headline is straightforward so prospects know they landed in the right place for the free trial.
  • The CTA button copy is personalized for the offer.
  • The customer count and badges helps users see that other brands have used the platform and have found it to be helpful.
  • There are no exit links on the page, so the user remains focused on the free trial offer.

Retargeting display ad

When a user clicks a Google search ad and spends some time on the post-click page, Dell Boomi begins retargeting them on various websites with display ads. One of those ads features a Forrester study, the ad headline showcases a success stat for the platform:

Dell Boomi retargeting ad example

The banner ad takes users to this post-click page:

Dell Boomi Forrester Study landing page

  • The post-click page headline features the Forrester study the display ad mentioned, and tells users the topic of the study, “The total impact of the Dell Boomi platform.”
  • The copy gives specific numeric details how the platform saves customers budget. Doing this helps tease the resource because to learn the “how”, you need to download the report. and it also mentions that the study is complimentary.
  • The CTA button lets users know they can download the study simply by filling out the lead capture form.

Another retargeting ad the company uses features their free trial offer:

Dell Boomi retargeting banner on CNN

The free trial ad directs visitors to the same post-click page the free trial extension featured above was connected to. Both pages highlight the same offer, so it works for both ads.

Boomi’s homepage: a much different story

When a user searches for the company name instead, their post-click landing page is quite different. Since the search phrase is general, they are sent to Boomi’s homepage, which is generalized to anyone who might be interested in the brand for any service they offer:

Boomi homepage

Boomi’s homepage is designed for a browsing experience and is not dedicated to a single offer like the other post-click landing pages featured above. Here’s why:

  • The headline and subheadline give a general overview of what the platform offers users and doesn’t focus on any particular offer as the previous experiences did.
  • The “Accelerate your Business Outcomes” section describes the main benefits of the service, and also showcases snippets of customer success stories. The customer stories help users see how Dell Boomi can be used.
  • The search bar in the navigation allows users to enter a keyword phrase to see what relevant content the website has on the subject.
  • The log-in link allows customers to access their account.
  • The header and footer links take users to different pages on the website, depending on what the user wants to know about.
  • Users can choose whether they want to immediately start with Dell Boomi or get an expert to guide them about the platform.

Unique post-click landing pages turn ad clicks into conversions

To convert more than 4% of ad clicks you can’t ignore the post-click landing page. Continuing the story narrative from ad to page can make all the difference for your campaigns.

Stop using generic landing pages and provide relevant post-click landing pages likeDell Boomi does with their search and retargeting ads.

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