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How to Refocus Your AdWords Marketing Agency to Grow Client ROI [Free Ebook]

by Kevin Lynch in Marketing Agency Tips This featured image shows how agencies run Google adwords campaigns.

A common refrain voiced in 90% of the nation’s marketing agencies, often delivered in a lordly tone, is: “We understand our client’s business.” (35% of clients do not agree with this statement.)

Something one might hear in 84% of all ad agencies is: “We know how to drive sales for our client’s brand!” (Only 56% of client’s agree with this.)

And in 76% of the hip-ly appointed conference rooms agency nabobs are exclaiming to anyone who will listen that they’re doing a good job demonstrating ROI. (60% of clients do not agree with this.)

There appears to be a bit of a disconnect here.

Where is this disassociation taking place? As an agency owner, account manager, designer, or anyone else on the team, you’re creating brilliant campaigns and managing your client’s AdWords programs. Your ads are garnering high click-through rates. And, while you’re gleefully tracking the results you find yourself saying things like, “By golly, we really do understand our client’s business!”

But the ads aren’t driving conversions. And ads that don’t convert don’t generate revenue. And clients that aren’t seeing any ROI, alas, don’t stay clients for very long.

What does your agency obsesses over?

Is it creative output?

Focusing on producing the best, most creative ads is noble, and for most people in the ad game, doing something creative is the reason they got into the business in the first place. The agency focus should be less on deliverables and more on improving the metrics that clients obsess over. Particularly, ROI.

Creating and adhering to strategic approaches that shift some (not all) of the priority away from being creative and clever, to ones that are performance based, data driven, and that deliver exceptional ROI, is a great first step.

It’s easier than you think

This inner-agency paradigm shift need not be clumsy or painful. A lot of what an agency needs to restructure itself into one that is performance based is already in-house. Namely, your expertise. After all, you’re already the undisputed creative masters.

The best way to close the agency/client demonstrable ROI gap is to up your AdWords game; achievable with keyword and audience matched post-click landing pages.

A post-click landing page is a standalone page your visitor arrives on after clicking on an ad (PPC, social media, display banners, etc.). Given its tight focus, the post-click landing page is more effective at converting than a homepage that typically promotes every product and feature. A post-click landing page speaks to one offer and one offer only — increasing the chance of conversion.

Most clients use existing webpages or generic post-click landing pages built on marketing automation or CMS systems geared towards mid-funnel email campaigns and not suited for top-funnel AdWords campaigns. Often the result of a client’s lack of knowledge about the importance of AdWords post-click landing pages. This translates to low conversion rates and your client reducing their budget or disengaging altogether.

It’s time to rethink this engagement model and take control of the most important part of an AdWords program — the post-click landing page.

And now, for the rest of the story…

So here’s the payoff. We’ve already done the ‘rethinking’ and all that we’ve rethought, we’ve put into Increase AdWords Conversions for Your Clients With Personalized post-click landing pages for Every Ad.

In this free download, you’ll learn everything you need to know to:

  • Make your AdWords campaigns 10x more profitable
  • Increase your clients’ AdWords conversions
  • Improve client retention

And, build a new revenue stream for your agency by offering stunning keyword and audience matched post-click landing pages with Instapage.

Best of all, the next time one of the agency nabobs gets to bragging about knowing how to drive sales for a client’s brand, they’ll be 100% correct.

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