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Admap™ Bulk Connections and Greater Syncing Visibility

by Suan Weng in Instapage Updates Instapage AdMap & font weight updates

The Instapage team is working remotely around the world, but that hasn’t stopped us from collaborating to enhance the product for our global customer base. Today’s updates enable AdMap users to sync experiences with Google Ads quicker with increased visibility of all experiences. Plus, the ability to customize your text elements, even more, when designing post-click landing pages.

What’s new with AdMap™?

In September 2019, Instapage launched AdMap™, a unique process of automatically two-way syncing Google Ads to post-click landing pages. It’s more of a contextually view your Google Ads structure within the Instapage platform. It was always meant to be an MVP version with areas to improve, which brings us to today with bulk connections and greater syncing visibility.

AdMap™ bulk connections

Now, you can quickly connect a post-click landing page experience to multiple campaigns, ad groups, and ads at once with a single bulk action, increasing ad-to-page connection flexibility within a more efficient workflow.

You can continue to connect a landing page experience to a single campaign, ad group, and ad, or use the new “BULK CONNECT” button to connect with multiple or all campaigns, ad groups, or ads. Once selected, users can select all or individual campaigns, ad groups, and ads:

Instapage AdMap bulk connect

AdMap bulk connections selection

AdMap™ greater syncing visibility

We’re also increasing syncing transparency between AdMap and Google Ads, during the final review stage before pushing ad-to-page connection updates to your Google Ads account. Now you’ll have an improved “Review & Push Changes” panel that displays more granular details on the exact changes that will be pushed to Google Ads.

For better clarity, dedicated tabs show connections that are ready to be published, as well as connections containing unpublished landing page experiences that need to be addressed prior to syncing. Within each tab, you can view a list of drafted changes — on the Google Ads campaign, ad group, and ad levels — along with their respective new final URLs. This allows you to quickly confirm the accuracy or remove specific connections before pushing final connection updates to Google Ads. Additionally, you can now view detailed connection error codes that enable you to effectively identify and resolve issues before proceeding.

Standard view

Instapage AdMap sync standard view

Instapage AdMap sync unpublished experiences

Remove drafted connections

Instapage AdMap sync remove drafted connection

Instapage AdMap sync disconnect experience

Error Handling

Instapage AdMap sync error handling

Availability: Bulk connections and greater syncing visibility are available starting today.

Font weight customization

Previously, the Instapage builder allowed you to select font family and font weight for each text element type on a landing page. That meant the font family and font weight you chose for the header on a page would apply to all header text elements on that page, and the same behavior would also apply to paragraph text elements. You could also perform minimal styling to each text element, such as color, size, line height, alignment, style, etc.

Yet, to create and scale post-click landing pages faster while adhering to brand guidelines, you need an easier way to apply different font weights across multiple elements of the same text style on a landing page without using custom code:

Instapage font weight dropdown

Today, we’re introducing an easier way to apply different font weights across multiple text elements within a post-click landing page. You can select various boldness levels within the dedicated font toolbar for each text header or paragraph element. Now, you can create stunning and brand-compliant landing page experiences even faster:

Instapage font weight customization

Available: Instapage customers will start to see font weight customization functionality in the app over the next few weeks.

Check out the new features today

We are excited to see how customers begin to use these new features and are already at work to provide added functionality next month, too.

Log into your Instapage account and check out new features and be on the lookout for more updates coming in May, like the redesigned landing page portal!

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