4 Upsell Landing Page Examples That Show Advertisers How to Generate More Revenue

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Every savvy marketer knows the importance of upselling:

These stats make it easy to see why upselling is effective and a proven strategy, and why upsell post-click landing pages are necessary to ensure sustainable business growth for any brand.

What is an upsell post-click landing page?

An upsell post-click landing page uses persuasive elements and techniques to drive an existing customer to purchase a newer, more expensive, or more robust version of a product or service. This page type can also be used to suggest add-ons a customer could make to their current order before purchasing:

This type of page is different than a typical post-click landing page because its success is largely based on psychological principles. While the principles of conversion optimization are always founded on a basic understanding of your consumer, an upsell post-click landing page focuses more on their perception of, and connection with, your offer. This means you must apply certain psychological principles to your page.

4 psychological principles to apply to upsell post-click landing pages

1. Decoy effect

The decoy effect refers to people’s change in preference between two options when a third and asymmetrically dominated option is presented. This technique is perfect for sales pages, and subtly nudging prospects in the direction of the one you want them to claim.

Consider The New Yorker example above. If “print + digital” was the only offer on the page, it wouldn’t look as appealing as it does next to the “print only” and “digital only” options. Since all three options are $12, why would anyone want the print only or digital-only edition, instead of both?

2. Social proof

Social proof refers to a consumer’s perception of something based on the actions and opinions of others. This can be powerfully convincing on post-click landing pages, in the form of detailed testimonials, big-name brand logos, and social media count tickers.

RingCentral includes both testimonials and various awards won directly underneath the package options:

3. Paradox of choice

The paradox of choice argues that the fewer options you give visitors, the better, because more choices can be overwhelming. On traditional post-click landing pages, there should only be one offer. However, upsell post-click landing pages that offer multiple plans, packages, or subscriptions are an exception to the rule.

4. Scarcity

Scarcity is based on people’s tendency to overvalue a resource when there’s less of it, or it’s running out. You can take advantage of this on a sales page or upsell page, by including time-sensitive offers like webinars or conferences, or limited quantity physical products like books. Availability indicators, urgent CTAs, and countdown timers all help present scarcity:

Now let’s see how these psychological principles can be used in action.

4 upsell post-click landing page examples

(For shorter upsell post-click landing pages, we’ve shown the entire page. However, for longer pages, we only displayed above the fold. You may need to click through to each page to see some of the points we discuss. Also, keep in mind that some brands may be A/B testing their page with an alternate version than is displayed below.)

1. Grammarly

What the page does well:

What could be A/B tested:

2. Bloomberg Businessweek

What the page does well:

What could be A/B tested:

3. Spotify

What the page does well:

What could be A/B tested:

4. WOW! TV & Internet

What the page does well:

What could be A/B tested:

Grow your revenue with an upsell post-click landing page

When used effectively, upsell post-click landing pages have the potential to be one of the most profit-driving techniques in any marketing team’s arsenal because they rely on psychological principles to drive action.

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