Explore The New Text Formatting Features and The Brand-New Image Manager

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As you may know, Instapage was recently acquired by airSlate, a leading provider of business productivity and automation solutions.

With the acquisition comes exciting opportunities and an unwavering dedication to delivering high-value, easy-to-use product features that help you drive more conversions. We recently launched expert layouts and AI experiments, and today, we are excited to announce two new features that have been frequently requested by our customer community.

Text formatting enhancements and an Image Manager.

Introducing Superscript, Subscript, and Strikethrough

We have just added Superscript, Subscript, and Strikethrough features so you can enjoy advanced text formatting features while creating your personalized landing pages.

As we continue to enhance our builder’s design feature we are also focusing on the speed of creation.

Features for today’s marketers

Digital marketing is all about speed. On average, advertising auctions happen in 100 milliseconds, with billions of auctions happening per second. To put it in perspective, a single blink of the human eye takes 100 – 300ms. Our customers, who are some of the most advanced digital marketers out there, understand this really well—they want to build more pages faster and then some more.

To help them with this goal we have launched many unique features to help our customers do exactly that. In the past we launched InstablocksⓇ that allowed users to save page blocks and reuse them so they can design blocks once, save them, and reuse them any number of times to build pages in seconds.

We also launched Global Blocks to help users make updates to shared sections across thousands of pages with a single click – a feature that is super useful for our power users that have a high volume of pages with shared blocks like headers, footers, customer testimonials, contact information and more. More recently, we launched the Assets feature that allowed our users to manage scripts, fonts, and styles across all pages in a workspace.

Our customers eagerly welcomed all of the above capabilities and saw the value that they brought to their landing pages. Realizing how much more powerful their landing pages had become, our customers continued to ask for more features that would help them create, manage, and launch pages at scale.

A better way to manage images

The images manager allows users to manage all of their images across all pages in their workspace in one place so they can easily organize their brand assets, collaborate more effectively with design teams, and speed up the creation of landing pages.

Managing images more efficiently can go a long way for marketers looking to convert more and win more. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a second is worth a billion auctions!

A seamless experience for digital marketers

The best way to quickly keep your page visitors’ attention is also the most difficult—building a trusted brand identity. A recognizable brand style (like consistent colors, fonts, and logos) goes a long way in helping visitors feel comfortable doing business on your page.

With Instapage, it’s now even easier to keep your visual style consistent on your landing pages. You can set your preferred fonts, colors, and icons across an entire workspace so you can rest assured that everyone on your team is creating and building consistently and cohesively.

With the addition of the Image Manager, you can now view, sort, upload, and manage images and videos from the Assets tab of the Instapage main menu. By keeping your brand’s visual elements and iconography consistent, you stand a better chance of keeping visitors engaged and earning their trust.

You can learn more about our Image Manager feature here.

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Although the ability to superscript, subscript, and strikethrough text may sound simple enough, it goes a long way in helping you quickly scale and format your pages.

With the ease and speed of landing pages sorted, your landing pages become more consistent, paving the way for a true brand identity to emerge.

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