5 of the Best Recruitment Landing Pages You Will Find [Case Study]

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Impressive job advertisements are just as important as impressive job candidates, and they should make potential employees think highly of not only the job but also the company itself. A job posting with hardly any information isn’t likely to do either one.

To provide valuable information about both the job and company, recruitment landing pages are essential. They are the best solution for giving potential employees an excellent first impression of your company and providing the necessary details to convince them to work for you.

Today’s article details a real recruiting landing page case study and then critiques several other examples. But first, a quick reminder.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a standalone web page that uses persuasive elements such as an attention-grabbing headline, engaging media, valuable social proof, etc. to convince visitors to take action on an offer. That action could be to signup for a free trial, download a report, register for an event, schedule a demo, set up an account, and more.

A recruitment landing page is designed with one very specific conversion goal: to find the right talent for your business and increase job applicants.

How to use landing pages for recruiting: A case study

The problem
Recently, the trucking industry experienced one of the largest driver shortages in history. In 2017, the driver turnover rate at major carriers reached an incredible 90%. And as the largest independent truckload carrier in the country, U.S. Xpress dealt with about 7,000 empty driver’s seats.

The solution
As attempts to improve recruiting creative and media failed to generate substantial hiring gains, the U.S. Xpress recruiting team took a different approach. They theorized that smarter and faster technology might be the answer, and rightfully assumed that AMP could make a significant difference in conversion rates and cost-per-application.

Their agency, The Johnson Group, ran a 20-day test on one of U.S. Xpress’ key recruiting websites. A $10,641 spend during testing generated a total of 35,470 clicks and 33,032 landing page visits — equally split between an AMP landing page and an identical, but non-AMP landing page.

The results

5 great recruitment landing pages

All of the job recruiting landing page examples below come from Google search results. That’s because 79% of job seekers conduct their own job search, without the help of a recruiter — and 73% of job seekers start their search on Google.

(For shorter recruiting landing pages, we’ve shown the entire page. However, for longer pages, we only displayed above the fold. You may need to click through to each page to see some of the points we discuss. Also, keep in mind that some brands may be A/B testing their page with an alternate version than is displayed below.)

1. Uber

The first two examples in the list come from a search for “Uber driver app:”

The first ad takes searchers to an Uber recruitment landing page where people can sign up to become an Uber driver (providing rides or food delivery service):

What the post-click landing page does well:

What could be changed and A/B tested:

2. Lyft

The second ad in the search result above sends prospects to a Lyft job recruitment landing page where they can apply to become a Lyft driver:

What the landing page does well:

What could be changed and A/B tested:

3. DoorDash

DoorDash is another driving service, but rather than providing rides to passengers, drivers deliver food to customers:

What the post-click landing page does well:

What could be changed and A/B tested:

4. Writers Work

A Google search for “remote editing jobs” showed these paid search ads:

Clicking on the second ad brings job searchers to a Writers Work recruiting landing page:

What the landing page does well:

What could be changed and A/B tested:


Rather than for collecting job applications, ISSA uses this search ad and recruitment landing page to find leads interested in earning their personal trainer certification:

What the landing page does well:

What could be changed and A/B tested:

Get more applicants with a recruiting landing page

During the hiring process, your goal is to convert prospective candidates into leads and applicants. However, linking your paid promotions to a general job listings page likely won’t do the truck. Instead, link them to a personalized recruitment landing page for a better chance at people taking action.

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