Organic vs. Paid Search: The Psychology of How to Make Your Advertising More Effective

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Consumers have always been a fickle bunch. From the crowded marketplaces of centuries past to the crowded digital landscape of today, catching a prospect’s eye has long been the holy grail for advertisers. Although the nature of the environment has changed over the years, the aim for advertisers and businesses remains the same: to catch the attention of the customer, engage them, and convert to sales.

Given the endless digital channels, limited budgets, and wary consumers that are inundated from all directions by online ads, finding the most efficient and effective way to deliver a convertible message might seem daunting. As infuriating as it might be at times, effective advertising in the digital world is anything but impossible as long as the message engages and remains consistent and familiar throughout delivery.

A peek into the psychology of the typical consumer provides insight and, more importantly, hope to a digital advertiser that might be feeling overwhelmed. Hope is on the way.
The psychology of consumers

The most effective advertising leverages emotion, curiosity, anticipation, and familiarity within the consumer. It doesn’t matter if it’s a brick-and-mortar shopper or an online browser, consumers are drawn to advertising that strikes a chord within them. When you look at the results of the key effectiveness of the 2017 Super Bowl Ads, the likability is one of the top reasons:

organic vs paid search superbowl
Distinct voices rise above

In the online space, given the prevalence of banner, display, and search ads, an advertiser must distinguish their message and give it a voice to let it rise above the cacophony of the digital ad world. By infusing their ads with emotion and curiosity, the message can resonate with the audience, whether they’re conscious of the connection formed or not.

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