A Landing Page Guide Like Never Before: Everything You Need to Increase Conversions

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The average post-click landing page converts just 2-5 out of every 100 visitors. And that really bums us out.

We feel for the visitors to those post-click landing pages: the people who have to drudge through blocks of jargon-filled text to determine the benefits of converting, or hunt for a call-to-action button, or fill out monstrous forms that pry for useless personal information.

But we also feel for the creators of those post-click landing pages, because building a great one — a post-click landing page that converts even 10-20 out of every 100 visitors — is really, really hard. It takes studying. It takes testing. It takes diving deep into research reports and mountains of data to mine only a few valuable takeaways. And not everybody has that kind of time.

Thankfully, with the new “What is a post-click landing page?” guide, now all you need is an hour.

The new “What is a post-click landing page?” guide

Never has there been just one free resource from which readers could learn all they need to build high-converting post-click landing pages quickly and easily. Today, that’s changed.

The new “What is a post-click landing page?” guide is the result of a team-wide effort to compile the most valuable post-click landing page content from every corner of the internet. After months of work, we’re confident this new all-in-one resource is capable of turning even the most inexperienced post-click landing page designers into pros in just 60 minutes.

In just seven skimmable chapters that feature insights from psychological researchers, usability experts, and advertising titans, it will explain everything from headline-writing formulas to the perfect button design. And with over 130 visual examples from some of the world’s leading brands, it’ll show you how to put those techniques to practice.

Here’s exactly what you’ll find inside:

Chapter 1: What is a post-click landing page?

Do you know what a post-click landing page even is? Despite thinking they do, most people don’t (even Google gets it wrong.) And their misconceptions are leading them to make the cardinal sin of post-click landing page design.

In this chapter, find out the exact definition of a post-click landing page, along with the astonishing amount of leads heavy post-click landing page users generate compared to light post-click landing page users.

Chapter 2: Why Every Promotion Needs Its Own Page

There are two major reasons a post-click landing page will convert better than your homepage, or your “Contact Us” page, or any other page on your website. Do you know what they are?

Find out in this chapter from examples of real PPC ads and corresponding post-click landing pages that use “message match” and an optimized “conversion ratio” to persuade visitors to take action.

Chapter 3: Campaigns That Benefit From Targeted post-click landing pages

A targeted post-click landing page can boost the conversion rate of just about any campaign. But, there are four in particular that nearly always require a post-click landing page to reach their full potential.

In this chapter — complete with excerpts from benchmark reports, quotes from advertising influencers, and a peek at one PPC expert’s analytics dashboard — find out which specific campaign types can see a major increase in ROI with the help of a personalized post-click landing page.

Chapter 4: The Anatomy of a post-click landing page That Converts

Your headline can’t do all the work of persuading visitors, and neither can your call-to-action. Converting prospects takes the cooperation of many page elements.

In chapter 4, uncover study results from marketing influencers and, among others, MIT and Microsoft researchers, to find out what each element should communicate to your visitors both visually and psychologically. Then, see those elements in action in content created by major brands like Dropbox and Lifelock.

Chapter 5: How Experts Arrange High-Converting post-click landing pages

A post-click landing page is like a car. You can have all the perfect parts in front of you, but if they’re not arranged the right way, that car won’t work.

Similarly, your button can look flawless and your image stunning, but if you put both in the wrong place, it won’t matter. That post-click landing page won’t compel visitors to take action.

In this chapter, discover the secret to arranging high-converting post-click landing pages from a century-old concept developed by three eminent German psychologists.

Chapter 6: How to Pick the Best Type of post-click landing page for Your Campaign

Squeeze pages, click-through post-click landing pages, sales pages — they all have their part to play in the success of a marketing campaign. However, not every page works in every campaign.

To find out which page you need, read through chapter 6 to match the goal of your campaign to one of the five types of post-click landing pages, and see examples of each in action from Adobe, Variety, Barack Obama, and Forbes.

Chapter 7: Recap

Once you’re through reading the first six chapters, you may need a refresher before you run off to create your own high-converting post-click landing pages. And that’s what you’ll get in chapter 7.

This concise closing sums up all the content in the chapters before it — from broad concepts like the definition of “message match,” all the way down to specific ones, like the three qualities your copy should exhibit.

Keep in mind, there are no examples in this recap or case studies to learn from, so we highly recommend you don’t skip over the first six chapters. This should only be used as a review.

It’s the only post-click landing page guide you’ll ever need

With the new comprehensive and skimmable “What is a post-click landing page?” guide, designers of any skill level can learn the secrets to creating high-converting post-click landing pages in just an hour.

Don’t be satisfied converting the average 2-5 visitors per 100. Learn to design a page worthy of your prospects’ attention.

When you do, you’ll find visitors are willing to give more than just their time. They’re more likely to give their name, email address, and maybe even their money, to claim what you have to offer.

Start and finish your post-click landing page education all in one place: The “What is a post-click landing page?” guide.

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