Start with the Basics: How to Create a Landing Page [Free Guide]

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Every promotion deserves its own post-click landing page. That’s why we’re committed to providing marketers with comprehensive resources they need to create professional, high-converting landing pages.

Creating an optimized post-click landing page can be a challenge if you’re not an expert designer, but with our latest resource, How to Create a post-click landing page, we hope to bridge that gap and make the process as easy as possible.

With this guide, we’ll show you:

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Here is a brief chapter-by-chapter summary of each section contained within the guide:

Chapter 1: Why Should You Create a post-click landing page?

The guide begins defining what a post-click landing page is, the importance of post-click landing pages, and lists some typical post-click landing page conversion goals. This first chapter also compares a homepage to a post-click landing page and shows an example of a paid search ad and display ad used in conjunction with a post-click landing page. The chapter concludes by breaking down Outbrain’s homepage versus their post-click landing page.

Chapter 2: What Should I Do Before and After Creating My post-click landing page?

To ensure your post-click landing page is a success, certain prerequisites should be performed before creating your page. Then, as you’re building the page, there are a few essential tips to keep in mind. Finally, once the page is published, make sure you promote the page the right way. This chapter covers the fundamentals of the entire process.

Chapter 3: What Should I Include on My post-click landing page?

From a compelling headline to an easy-to-complete lead capture form, there are core elements all marketers should include to create an optimized post-click landing page. Chapter 3 examines those required items, each demonstrated with real post-click landing pages.

Chapter 4: What Options Do I Have to Create My post-click landing page?

Chapter 4 addresses the three main options to create and publish post-click landing pages. Each option is discussed with the advantages and disadvantages and why a dedicated post-click landing page software is the best solution.

Chapter 5: Step by Step Process to Creating Your post-click landing page

This chapter teaches you short step-by-step process to creating your post-click landing pages with Instapage. Each step is supported with screenshots of our post-click landing page software and how to first preview your page before finalizing it for publishing.

Chapter 6: How Can I Promote My post-click landing page?

Simply creating and publishing post-click landing page won’t earn you conversions. To generate conversions and high-quality leads, promote your pages on the appropriate channels where your target market is likely to be. This final chapter discusses a variety of paid strategies and free tactics to promote your post-click landing page.

Learn how to create a post-click landing page, today

Creating post-click landing pages for each of your marketing campaigns is the most efficient method for generating leads and building your email list. We’re confident our guide will help you learn the prerequisites, what elements to include, how to promote post-click landing pages, and why creating post-click landing pages with a dedicated software is the best option.

We encourage you to refer to the guide as needed throughout the post-click landing page design process and feel free to share it with other marketers looking to generate more leads for their campaigns.

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