See How Full Sail University Increases Student Enrollment with Targeted Post-Click Experiences (3 Examples)

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Many advertisers don’t realize that their post-click landing pages deserve the same attention and focus as their ads, and it causes their conversion rates to suffer.

When ads and post-click pages convey the same narrative, not only are user expectations successfully met, but credibility is established — and consumer trust and credibility play a crucial role in winning conversions. This is especially true in the higher education industry, where students are extra cautious about where to invest a large chunk of their money.

We previously examined how Ashford University and Capella University use dedicated post-click landing pages to acquire new students — now let’s see how Full Sail does the same.

How Full Sail University segments their ads & post-click landing pages

Example 1: Sportscasting degree Google search

Someone interested in a sportscasting degree might conduct this search and see the following Google ad for Dan Patrick’s school of sportscasting:

It’s clear the ad is segmented for a specific audience because it relates closely to the search query:

Clicking the ad’s main headline takes prospects to this post-click page that continues the same story narrative:

The subheadline makes the offer more appealing by telling prospects they can be the voice of tomorrow’s sports experiences, which is likely why they were interested in sportscasting to begin with.

Reasons to choose Full Sail continue further down the page — highlighting the focus areas in sportscasting, the opportunity for students to earn their bachelor’s degree in only 20-29 months, and a chance to work in major sports entertainment facilities:

They can also click the “Request Info” anchor link at the bottom of the page, which takes them back up to the form to complete it.

Example 2: Digital marketing degree Google search

A new Google search — this time for “digital marketing degree” — shows this PPC ad at the top of the results page:

Like the previous example, we can tell the ad is relevant to the user’s interest because it’s very similar to the search query:

In this example, clicking the main headline goes here:

The Accelerated Learning section on the right side of the page points out that students can earn their bachelor’s degree in 29 months and master’s degree in 12 months, so they can pursue a career sooner:

Again, visitors can also click the “Request Info” CTA button at the bottom of the page to be directed back up to the form:

Example 3: LinkedIn retargeting ad

Following the previous interaction with Full Sail, the university retargets with LinkedIn ads:

Clicking the ad leads to a post-click landing page that serves as a follow up to Example 2:

“Digital Marketing: Master’s Degree – Online” at the top of the page begins the story letting visitors know exactly what the page is about. The main headline adds appeal to the offer by telling prospects they can advance their digital marketing skills in a variety of areas — likely why they were visiting this page in the first place.

The program is further explained throughout the rest of the page, highlighting the three areas of focus with section headers, lists, and bold copy:

They can also click the “Request Info” button at the bottom of the page — or any of the “Request Additional Information” links throughout the page — all of which take them back up to the form.

In comparison to Full Sail University’s homepage

In contrast to the examples above that deliver unique, personalized post-click landing pages to segmented audiences, the Full Sail homepage introduces the school by providing a comprehensive overview:

The homepage is generalized to anyone who might be interested in Full Sail University, so all visitors see the same page with general information. And since visitors may be on the page for a variety of reasons, it’s designed to be a comprehensive browsing experience rather than having a 1:1 conversion ratio like an optimized post-click page.

Continue the story from ad to post-click landing page for best results

By focusing all your attention on your ads — and ignoring the post-click landing page — there’s a good chance you’re wasting ad clicks and budget. Generate maximum conversions by paying equal attention to your pre- and post-click landing pages, and telling the same story narrative across both.

Use inspiration from the Full Sail examples above to connect your pre- and post-click landing pages. Then request an Instapage Personalization Demo today to see how you can start creating dedicated post-click landing pages at scale for each of your segmented audiences.

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