6 Examples of Digital Advertising Campaigns From the Education Industry

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Global Marketing Insights predicts the e-learning market size will exceed $375 billion by 2026:

With the majority of the world switching to online learning experiences, education digital advertising campaigns have been on the rise this year. This post features advertising campaigns of five digital marketing courses and advertising lessons you can learn from them.

1. CueMath

This CueMath Search ad promises an array of learning opportunities for children who need support in math, including 1:1 tutoring, intuitive learning, and live classes.

The ad is followed by this landing page →

What you can learn from CueMath:

This coherence established by ad-to-page relevancy creates a sense of continuity, assuring visitors that they have arrived at the right destination. Secondly, the CTA buttons are strategically placed and prominently designed, letting users know they can test out the service by booking a free class. By clarifying the next steps, Cuemath reduces ambiguity and encourages users to engage further.

Moreover, the absence of distracting navigation links prevents users from deviating from the intended conversion path, focusing their attention solely on the offer at hand. The inclusion of the headline statistic “Trusted by 400,000 parents in 80 countries” enhances the landing page’s credibility through social proof, instilling trust in prospective users.

Collectively, these tactics underscore the importance of maintaining consistency, clarity, trust, and user-centric design when crafting effective landing pages.

You can watch a full video of the effective tactics CueMath deploys on their landing page here!


2. Lessonly

This Lessonly Facebook ad promises visitors the tools to create better training programs:

The ad is followed by this landing page:

What you can learn from Lessonly:

Make your product the hero. Lessonly uses a product GIF to highlight what the platform offers customers. This helps potential customers visualize the experience of using the platform. Feature use cases on your landing pages tailored to specific audience segments to create a more personalized experience.

3. Codeacademy

This Codeacademy ad promises users that learning skills for a new programming career is going to be a breeze with their Pro Account:

The ad directs visitors to this landing page:

What you can learn from Codeacademy:

Minimalism goes a long way. Focus on what matters, and craft your offer around the central page elements to create an ideal user experience.

4. Capella University

The Capella University ad promises users an online doctoral program without a GRE or an entrance exam.

Here is the landing page connected to the ad:

(Note: Please click through to the page to see the full view.)

What you can learn from Cappella University:

Having a live-chat option on your landing page helps users get all their questions answered, so they can smoothly transition toward the CTA button. Live chats work well on pages where the primary offer requires a significant time or financial commitment.

5. Thinkific

This Thinkific ad offers visitors a free trial, so they can see how the platform can help them easily run their remote training:

When users click the ad, they land on this landing page:

(Please click through to the page to see the full view.)

What you can learn from Thinkific:

It’s always better to “show” than to “tell” the impact your service will have on the user. Thinkific does this with an online calculator that helps users do the math on what their potential earnings could be.

6. Full Sail University

Full Sail University’s ad campaigns aim to increase student enrollment. The following ad offers users who love to talk sports a sportscasting bachelor’s degree:

Users who want to “Learn More” get directed to this landing page:

What you can learn from Full Sail University:

Using video on your landing page allows users to experience your message in a more convincing medium. It’s crucial to ensure your video’s content aligns with your offer, so it’s well-positioned to get you advertising conversions.

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