See How Donald Trump Segments His Ads With Experiences

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Earlier this week, we looked at how Democratic candidates Mike Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders all use advanced advertising techniques to meet user expectations and establish credibility with voters:

By using ads segmented to specific audiences, and connecting them to personalized post-click landing pages to tell the same narrative.

Now let’s see how President Donald Trump does the same to increase campaign donations, support, and get reelected.

How President Donald Trump uses post-click landing pages

Example 1: Google search ad

Someone looking to make a donation to the Trump campaign might search “donate to Trump” and see this paid search ad:

The user will know the ad is relevant to their search because:

Clicking the main headline and any of the extensions take prospects to this post-click page where the donation narrative continues:

Example 2: Facebook ad

Sponsored Facebook ads like this one are also part of Trump’s campaign to inspire contributions:

The ad begins a story about joining/donating to Trump’s campaign, and takes prospects to a different post-click donation page:

Example 3: Instagram ad

Instagram is another channel of Trump’s reelection campaign to generate donations:

The ad offers donators a chance to win a vacation in Palm Beach to have dinner with the President, and leads to this page to continue the offer narrative:

Now, compare those to Trump’s website

The Donald Trump homepage isn’t as segmented or focused as the personalized post-click landing pages above, nor does it have a 1:1 conversion ratio. Instead, it’s meant to be a browsing experience with multiple conversion goals:

Continue the same narrative from ad to post-click landing page

Trump’s marketing team understands the most successful advertising campaigns include segmented ads connected to personalized post-click landing pages. By continuing the same ad narrative, the team ensures credibility is established with voters and donations continue adding up.

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