4 Ways Daily Harvest Increases Signups with Landing Pages

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Countless healthy food subscriptions exist in which a customer can provide their information, make a payment, and a box of food shows up on their doorstep a few days later. It’s easy and convenient, which is why it has become in-demand.

With a saturated market, how each brand presents its product online is integral to its success. Daily Harvest understands this and distinguishes itself by advertising unique offers and dedicated post-click landing pages for its customers. Here are four examples.

4 Ways Daily Harvest uses segmented ads and post-click landing pages

Example 1: Search ad to promote smoothies

Someone interested in learning more about or ordering nutrition shakes might search Google and see this Daily Harvest ad:

We can tell the ad is segmented to a specific audience because:

Clicking the ad headline takes prospects to this post-click landing page where the narrative continues:

Example 2: Branded search ad to maximize brand exposure

Searching for “Daily Harvest” shows that the company bids on their own brand name:

When searchers click the main headline, they see this Daily Harvest landing page:

And the bottom of the page above the CTA button:

Example 3: Facebook ad to promote a new product

Following previous interaction with Daily Harvest, prospects will likely to be targeted with social media ads like this on Facebook:

The ad begins a story narrative about Daily Harvest’s new flatbreads, and directs traffic to this page where the story continues:

Example 4: Instagram Stories retargeting ad

Daily Harvest retargets prospects with Instagram Stories ads to ensure they stay top of mind after previous interaction on their website:

This ad sends traffic to the same post-click page from Example 2.

Compared to the Daily Harvest homepage…

Most homepages are designed as browsing experiences, providing an overview of multiple services. Unlike the examples above that each delivers a unique, personalized post-click landing page to a segmented audience.

Compare the Daily Harvest homepage to the previous landing page examples:

Each of these components indicate the Daily Harvest homepage is designed to be a comprehensive browsing experience for all visitors, instead of having a 1:1 conversion ratio.

Connect every ad to a relevant post-click landing page

Personalizing the post-click landing page is just as important as hyper-targeting your ads. Not only that, but failing to create one cohesive experience from ad to post-click landing page will likely waste your ad clicks and budget.

Take inspiration from the Daily Harvest examples above to start creating your own completely personalized campaigns. To see how Instapage can help you create unique post-click landing pages at scale, request an Instapage Enterprise Demo today.

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