See How the Bernie Sanders Campaign Uses Landing Pages

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With every Presidential candidate vying to make an impression and win votes, it’s no surprise that political advertisements abound across the web.

The most successful ads, though, are ones segmented to specific audiences and connected to personalized post-click landing pages that continue the same ad narrative. This ensures user expectations are met, and helps candidates establish credibility with voters. Let’s see how the Bernie Sanders campaign executes its strategy.

How Bernie Sanders uses segmented ads & post-click landing pages

Example 1: Google paid search to generate donations

Since Sanders pays to advertise on his own brand name to show up at the top of SERPs, searching for “Bernie Sanders” shows this paid search ad:

The ad is segmented to online users searching for Bernie Sanders, since:

The ad’s message continues onto the post-click page:

Example 2: Facebook image ad to accrue vote pledges

The Sanders campaign also targets users with Facebook ads and personalized post-click landing pages:

The ad begins a story narrative about pledging to vote for Bernie to take on and win against the most powerful forces in the country. The narrative continues onto this signup page:

Example 3: Sponsored Instagram ads to encourage event signups

Sponsored Instagram ads like this one are also part of Sander’s campaign:

Introducing a story about a Dallas rally, the ad directs traffic to this event signup post-click page:

Compare these examples to Bernie Sanders’ homepage

Each personalized post-click landing page above has a 1:1 conversion ratio, but the Bernie Sanders homepage does not. That’s okay, because instead of focusing on one conversion goal for a segmented audience, it offers a comprehensive browsing experience for anyone visiting his site:

Tell the same story across ad and post-click landing page

Bernie Sanders’s digital advertising team focuses their attention on both ads and post-click landing pages to ensure ad clicks and budget aren’t wasted. Use his examples as inspiration to tell the same story narrative across your pre- and post-click landing pages to ensure you don’t miss your opportunity either.

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