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We love shortcuts, they get us to where we want to go faster. Shortcuts especially come in handy in the marketing world because over here changes happen in the blink of an eye. You lose customers in a snap and attracting new ones is still an art that not everyone has mastered.

It's because of this need of shortcuts and some other items that we saw the creation of the first landing page. A page that unlike your homepage targets only a specific campaign and thus attracts only a specific audience; giving you more opportunities to score more conversions.

Yes, landing pages have made our lives a lot simpler, but just building a landing page doesn't get you there. There’s a lot more to do then just randomly putting together your landing page elements, you need to optimize them to get the best out of them.

In Optimization Lies the Key to Landing Page Success

Think of optimizing your landing pages as the process of creating smart landing pages that’s done after careful quantitative and qualitative analysis of what is it that makes your visitors tick and can essentially guide their mouse towards your CTA button.

What landing page optimization basically does is create the best version of your landing page after collecting information on what works for your visitors. LPO techniques help you carefully craft each one of your landing page elements, so that not only do they make your visitors convert independently but form a conversion-tastic combination when joined with the other elements of your page.

It’s still not the End of the Road

Even after you've optimized and tested your landing pages, your job isn't done.

What’s left to do?

If you've done everything right up till this point, chances are that your landing page is getting flooded with leads and this is where your next task starts; the task of Lead or List Management.

There’s a lot to do when it comes to lead management, you need to sign up with an email marketing software, create lists and then get down to the tedious job of sorting through every lead that comes on your landing page. Sitting down to send and sort every individual lead is something that can make even a hard ass like Batman come to tears.

Not everyone is a big fan of these two words, because although we do all love us some leads, managing the copious amounts of leads that come through your perfectly optimized landing pages is hard work.

No More Tears with Instapage’s AWeber Landing Page

Instapage has put forth for you an arrangement that guarantees no more lead management tears. After the successful and highly appreciated integration with MailChimp, we now offer all marketers integration with AWeber.

You can build your very own AWeber landing pages with ease, and once you’re done with that you can literally automate your lead management process, no more listless sorting for you!

What is AWeber?

AWeber is an email marketing software that helps you create profitable customer relationships for your business. Tools offered by the software help you build your email lists and stay in touch with your clients.

AWeber is used by over 120,000 businesses for all size marketing campaigns.

Powerful stuff… right?

Now imagine the kind of results you can get when you combine the power of Instapage with that of AWeber.

What you get is an unstoppable marketing campaign my friends.

Something I’m sure all of you crave.

How is this Integration Going to Work for Me?

Excited to get a piece of this delicious pie?

I’m not even a teeny bit surprised!

All you need to do to get on this list management train is set up an account on AWeber, if you already have an account, well then you’re already half way there.

What you then need to do is go to your Instapage landing page form, click Edit, and choose the option that says “Connect Form with AWeber”. You will then need to enter in your AWeber login information, once you’re connected you can simply select the email list that you want your landing page leads to go to. Don't have an Instapage landing page yet? Create an account to build one for free >>

After you’ve selected your chosen list you then need to configure field mapping, this allows you to send custom Instapage form fields over to your AWeber list, all you need to enter here is you name and email field. All other fields will then be automatically matched and added to your AWeber list.

And you’re done!

Now whenever someone submits their information into your lead capture form and hits your CTA button, Instapage automatically sends this email account to your specified AWeber list, making Lead Management the easiest thing to do.

Other Perks of Using Email Marketing with Landing Pages

There are other advantages you can enjoy when you sit down to do email marketing in combination with landing pages to increase landing page conversions.

1. Gathering Leads Becomes so Much Simpler

Creating lead gen landing pages specifically to increase your email marketing efforts really does the job for you because you get more sign ups if you design your landing pages in a lead gen way.

Such as, designing a landing page for an eBook download or for registration for a webinar.

2. Better Segmentation

When you have the option of creating multiple lists, you have the liberty to do better segmentation of the leads that you’ve gathered.

You can generate customized lists which will easily translate into more conversions, because customers love when you pay better attention to them.

3. Promotional Marketing at its Best

Email marketing becomes a lot easier when you have a landing page that matches your promotional email. This landing page can have all the necessary info of your offer on it and with automated list management; you can collect and analyze all user information in a jiffy.

Marketing rarely gets simpler than this! Enjoy the perks of your very own AWeber landing page Today.

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