The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating the Best Landing Page Experience

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Search advertising accounted for 50% of internet advertising revenue in the first half of 2016 according to IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report. Matching every search ad with a high-quality post-click landing page will lower the cost of customer acquisition, so every AdWords ad needs an AdWords post-click landing page. In addition to the fact that post-click landing pages make visitors more likely to convert, Google rewards you with a better Ad Rank if you follow AdWords post-click landing page best practices.
Search advertising accounted for 50% of internet advertising revenue in the first half of 2016

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Determining how closely you are following post-click landing page best practices can be troubling at times since the Google post-click landing page guidelines are quite general. The recommendations in this post should help you leverage unique Instapage features to quickly improve post-click landing page experience.
Why even bother?

Quality Score is a diagnostic tool for identifying and addressing issues with your ad CTR, ad relevance, and post-click landing page experience. If you focus on improving the user experience of both your ads and post-click landing pages, then a higher Quality Score will naturally follow. Myopic focus on Quality Score may result in poorer user experience and fewer key conversions.

Improving Quality Score through better user experience will benefit your ads in three ways:

Lower costs-per-click
Better ad positions
Eligibility for ad extensions and other ad formats

Search users click more frequently on higher ad positions so it’s in your best interest to improve the post-click landing page experience for users to achieve one of the top-ranked ad results. Your ad will be more noticeable if it takes up more space with ad extensions. For example, of the two ads picture here, which one is more appealing?

post-click landing page experience Pardot ad

post-click landing page experience Autopilot ad

Pardot’s ad will presumably send search users to a marketing automation page, but it’s only three lines whereas Autopilot’s ad takes up seven. Plus, Autopilot offers more options in their ad extensions, which makes their entire ad more noticeable and clickable.

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