How to Optimize the Landing Page Experience [New Guide]

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Human beings are creatures of habit. When the warmth and fuzziness of familiarity are yanked from beneath our feet, some degree of fight or flight is usually our first impulse. Granted, not all sources of familiarity are created equally so when our preferred caffeinated concoction to start the morning is suddenly discontinued, it’s not exactly an earth-shattering event.

Still, when you are suddenly cut off from your quadruple latte with caramel swirls and a happy face on the cup, it’s definitely enough to throw you off your game. No one is more familiar with this particular wrinkle in humanity than advertisers that are constantly trying to toe the line between innovative thinking and the familiarity that breeds brand loyalty.

post-click landing page experience coffee
The post-click landing page experience revolves around conversions

An effective marketing campaign is one that successfully toes that line, integrating ads and post-click landing pages, metrics and tone, in a smooth and coordinated fashion. It engages a consumer with an ad that appeals to that individual and prompts them to envision a better or more convenient life due to a particular brand’s products or services.

While the ad might be the point in the funnel that catches an audience’s gaze, it’s the post-click landing page that completes the conversions. A coordinated balance between the two develops a well-organized, focused, and emphatic message that flourishes in the nuances of the message and design. Our ebook, How to Optimize the post-click landing page Experience, was specifically developed to help advertisers leverage those nuances to improve campaign performance.

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