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What is SEM?

Chapter 4

The Future of SEM

Search engine marketing is evolving quickly, so we asked our resident SEM expert Patrick Holmes, what he predicts will be the most significant changes in the year ahead.

“AdWords users may begin rethinking common best practices regarding account structures, testing, and ad rotation to the growing robustness of potency of Google’s machine learning engine. Smart Bidding options are not new, but Google produced a lot of automation and analytical innovations in 2017. Data-driven attribution models, cross-device conversions, advanced machine learning, and contextual signals at auction-time are all features that will allow advertisers to erode the strict walls and silos that separate campaigns and ad groups by elaborately complex combinations of geographics, demographics, day-parting, keyword theme and match type.

Google likes to push the idea of relevant and enjoyable experiences with ad interactions. Their search engine product suffers if the ads they serve are not relevant to a search user’s intent. Advertisers will increasingly see the importance of extending this relevant experience beyond the advertisement and into the visitors’ on-site interactions as well. Though this is not completely new, the rhetoric that Google continues to push will likely cause a much larger portion of search advertisers to begin matching their post-click experiences closely to the intent of search users’ queries and text ad copy. Better post-click experiences pay dividends for advertisers, research from Yahoo shows that a high-quality post-click experience increases click-through rates by 18% and decreases the number of bounces.

With AMP for post-click landing pages and more mobile-oriented sitelink extensions, Google signaled that it will continue not only to push more mobile spend but also redesigning the whole search experience with a preference for mobile. Look for more redesigns of existing products that make the whole experience more mobile-friendly and material design-oriented. Also, be on the lookout in your own AdWords accounts for indications that the ranking algorithms give preference to advertisements and campaign structures that check all the mobile-friendly best practices.”

Set Yourself up for Success

Creating a matching post-click experience for every ad can be resource intensive and unrealistic if you have to rely on developers to create each post-click landing page. But with a post-click landing page platform like Instapage, you can quickly build, optimize, and test mobile-responsive post-click landing pages at scale.

With high-quality post-click experiences, you’ll see higher click-through rates, conversion rates, and quality scores, while also earning lower cost-per-clicks and customer acquisition costs. Start getting the results you deserve with Instapage Instapage.

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