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Components of Optimized Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing, or retargeting, is a form of online advertising that enables advertisers to show ads to users who have previously visited their site or taken a specific action on their site.

So, the display ads you see following you around after you’ve visited a website — those are remarketing ads.

Remarketing ads have one fundamental purpose — to get visitors who came to your website or post-click landing page, and exited without performing an action, to return and complete the action. With remarketing you’re ensuring that you stay relevant in your prospect’s mind — even though they’re not on your page.

This visual by Retargeter sums up retargeting perfectly:

Retargeting campaigns are divided into two types:

a. Pixel based: This retargeting involves the use of pixels (JavaScript code) that gets placed on your website and post-click landing page. The pixel drops an anonymous browser cookie when a visitor arrives on your page and makes sure your ad follows them around on other web pages.
b. List based: This retargeting uses lists of your existing leads and targets specific ads at them. An example could be retargeting your blog subscribers to also download an ebook from you

The goals of a retargeting campaign are simple:

  1. Inform visitors about your offer
  2. Get them to click the CTA button on your page

Your retargeting campaign starts off with a retargeting ad, similar to this one:

The ad is a display banner ad that includes a headline, an image, copy, and a CTA button. Optimizing your remarketing ads follows the same procedure as optimizing your display ads i.e. with benefit-focused copy and headline, relevant image, and a contrasting CTA button.

To optimize your remarketing campaigns, you need to connect all your remarketing ads with targeted post-click landing pages instead of busy homepages.

This is what the QuickBase remarketing campaign does because the ad showcased above brings the visitor to this post-click landing page:

The page is designed with:

  • A benefit-driven headline that focuses on the visitor
  • Copy that’s easy to read and explains the benefits of QuickBase
  • A contrasting CTA button written with personalized copy
  • Images that demonstrate how the product can be used
  • Video testimonials that reinforce social proof
  • Customer badges from well-known companies
  • Trust seals to help ease prospect’s anxiety
  • Easy to complete lead capture form

(Note: this is a click-through page, so you have to click the CTA button to get to the form)

An optimized remarketing ad and post-click landing page like the one QuickBase uses are what make your remarketing campaigns successful.

If your remarketing ads are taking visitors to your homepage, then you haven’t optimized the remarketing experience.

Give visitors the best chance to convert on your post-click landing page and make it easy for them to take action. Optimize your remarketing campaigns by connecting your display ads with relevant, targeted post-click landing pages.

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