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Increasing Traffic and Driving Conversions with Instapage

Instapage empowers small teams to achieve big results, measure customer behavior, increase page performance, and scale marketing efforts today. Hear how MakeSpace used Instapage to amplify their goals, creativity, and collaboration.

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Introducing the Speakers

You’ll learn:

How MakeSpace used the intuitive design and robust testing in the Instapage platform to improve traffic and conversions


Join Matt O'Dowd, VP of Marketing at MakeSpace and Justin Duke, Director of Customer Success as they discuss how MakeSpace used the Instapage platform to reach their marketing goals, including increasing conversion rates, understanding page activity, A/B testing, and iterating ideas at faster pace.

Actionable tips and tactics for building conversion-ready landing pages

How to visualize, optimize, and deploy personalized page experiences to grow your business

Using Instapage for rapid prototyping

In conversation with:

Matt O'Dowd

Justin Duke

VP of Marketing, MakeSpace / Clutter

Director of Customer Success, Instapage

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