How to Solve the Landing Page Problem in Paid Search With a Little Help from AI Content

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Houston, we have a Landing Page Problem: Google has automated much of paid search, but among the places left untouched are landing pages.

The result? Billions of dollars are spent by marketers to drive their users to landing pages that quite simply don’t answer customers’ questions. 

That’s because a single landing page can’t possibly accommodate the differing intent of many different queries. For instance, the keyword “Monday.com” has a very different intent from the keyword “Monday.com automations”

And although many marketers know the problem exists, they aren’t sure how to build out the requisite number of landing pages needed to address search intent in a time and cost-efficient way.

In this free webinar, you’ll learn a three-step process for finally solving that problem: 

Find: Is this problem happening to me? You’ll learn how to determine whether this issue is relevant to you–and how to also determine the value of fixing the problem.

Fix: Now that you’ve seen it, how do you fix it? You’ll discover a simple but powerful–and fast–way to make better landing page experiences.

Scale: Once you’ve seen how prevalent this issue is, you might ask yourself, “How can we possibly keep up with all the variations?” We’ll offer you some early approaches to using AI Content to get you started.

No more heaps of wasted ad spend or tons of lost leads…

Introducing the Speaker

Wil Reynolds is the Founder and Director of Digital Strategy at Seer Interactive. He’s helped Fortune 500 companies develop SEO strategies since 1999 and leverages “Big Data” to break down silos between SEO, PPC, and traditional marketing.

Wil Reynolds
Founder and Director of Digital Strategy

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