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How Marketers Should be Leveraging AI

AI tools for marketing keep popping up with a range of uses–copywriting, A/B testing, image creation, and more. It can be overwhelming, and you may be wondering how to best incorporate them into your day to day.

In this webinar, our panel of experts discuss practical ways you can start leveraging AI for increased productivity and better marketing campaign results.

You’ll learn:

How to incorporate AI tools into your workflows

Three areas of marketing that can be enriched by AI

Specific AI-driven tests you can start running on your campaigns today

Introducing the Speakers

Hear from marketers at LASSO and Instapage as they share tips on how to best leverage AI to your marketing advantage.

Michele Barnes Image
Steffenee Miller Image
Jess Cook
Jake Ayars
Head of Content
Digital Marketing Lead
Michele Barnes Image
Steffenee Miller Image
Michele Barnes
Michael Egan
Strategic Services
Product Marketing Manager

Maximize your marketing potential with AI