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Creating Capacity to Scale your Personalization Goals

When it comes to digital advertising, personalization is key to making meaningful connections with prospects. But serving each audience with a distinct, personalized landing page requires messaging, design, and testing. A lack of resources or expertise should not limit your team from investing in potential customers. That’s why marketers have tools to help them create capacity, so no audience is ever left out.

Introducing the Speakers

You’ll learn:

The benefits of resonating with your audience through a personalized landing page

Watch Hunter Sunrise, SVP of Marketing at Postclick, as he shares his insights and experiences around personalization in modern advertising. Also hear from Dan Schlung VP of professional services, as he discusses his passion for customer success and how to scale personalization operations.

Strategies for captivating visitors' attention with content that speaks directly to them, without burdening your internal team

How to dynamically serve unique landing pages to different audiences at a scalable pace

In conversation with:

Hunter Sunrise
Dan Schlung
SVP/Head of Marketing
VP of Professional Services

Speak to every customer with the care they deserve

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