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A/B Testing Decoded 

A/B testing is an essential part of every marketing team’s growth journey, but results aren’t always guaranteed. If you’re scratching the surface of your testing or unsure how to achieve meaningful insights, there are strategies to help. Watch now to learn the ins and outs of testing and see how Instapage’s in-platform testing comes with all the tools and resources you need to run complex tests with confidence.

Introducing the Speakers

You’ll learn:

How to build an experiment, analyze the results, and act on the insights

Hear from an expert of data science as Andre Reggiani, Manager, Product Management joins Martin Lasarga, Group Product Manager to discuss their insights into the world of A/B testing and optimization efficiencies.

Current advancements in testing efficiencies to take your results to greater heights

The benefits of Instapage’s in-platform A/B testing

In conversation with:

Andre Reggiani
Martin Lasarga
Manager, Product Management
Group Product Manager

Test smarter and grow faster