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Instapage Agency Partner Program

Maximize advertising conversions and create new revenue opportunities with post-click automation.

Improve your clients’ return on advertising spend (ROAS)

If you’re sending traffic to generic landing pages, you’re not generating the ROAS that you could be by sending ads to highly personalized post-click experiences. Partner with Instapage to maximize ad conversions and drive higher ROI for the same ad budgets. Drive results that matter, make your clients happier, and create a new revenue stream for your agency.

Why you should join

Drive better results

Drive better results

Use post-click automation to increase advertising efficiency and deliver 400% higher conversions to your clients with the same ad spend.

Differentiate offerings

Differentiate offerings

Join the community of digital agency leaders that are committed to the post-click automation movement. Win new deals with innovative post-click service offerings.

Grow your agency

Grow your agency

Earn revenue share for new referrals who purchase a custom plan. Improve client satisfaction and they’ll increase retainers and stick around longer.

What can partnership look like for your agency?

Choose a business model that works for your agency. Regardless of which model you choose, you can earn revenue share for every new client that purchases a custom Instapage plan.

If you manage landing pages for clients...

Select Instapage as your new post-click automation platform. Delight your clients with highly personalized post-click experiences at scale.

If clients manage their own landing pages...

Refer clients to Instapage, and we’ll do the rest. We can work with your clients directly or offer a fully managed post-click automation service.


Benefits of Agency Partner Program

  • Access to an arsenal of co-branded promotional resources including prepared content and sales material
  • A dedicated Partner Manager to provide training, consultation, and help you succeed
  • Revenue sharing when your clients become Instapage customers

"First, we built custom HTML landing pages. Then we tried two other landing page competitors. It wasn't until we started using Instapage did we see the results of our PPC campaigns increase significantly."

Justin Buhl

Digital Services Manager

"We made the move to Instapage because we were looking to quickly build customized landing pages that aligned with our clients' brand. Ease-of-use, integrations, superior features and capabilities - Instapage has it all and satisfies not just our needs, but our clients' too."

Liz Coppinger

Business Analyst

"If you think about it, what is the cost of a really good web developer? With Instapage, you can have a designer and turn him/her into a developer without having to actually hire a developer. That’s an entire salary. For an agency, you’re adding an entire new position to your team."

Greg Trimble

Founder and CEO

"By aligning post-click experiences and ads, we’ve improved client conversion rates by 59% and revenue by 33%."

Kendall Giglio

Sr. Director, Conversion Rate Optimization

"Instapage Enterprise has all the post-click optimization features we need, and all in one place! The Instapage team is thoughtful, responsive, and super helpful when it comes to helping us and our clients get up and running."

Gloria Zhu

Head of brand & Creative

"Instapage has been critical to keeping our clients satisfied and growing our business."

Dan Posalski


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Partnership opportunities abound

Technology partner

Technology partner

Co-marketing partner

Co-marketing partner


Ready to partner?

If you’re interested in becoming an Agency Partner, we’d love to be in touch. Please complete a brief form, and we will contact you shortly.

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