Landing Pages That Simply Convert

Landing Pages That Simply Convert

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Do you ever look at your landing page and wonder where the magic went? Open up your email lists and find them to be as empty as your downtown bar at a karaoke night?

So, what did you do wrong?

You really did do everything that countless blogs and websites told you to do; you set up a page, inserted a graphic on it, describedct your product the best that you could, thought up a headline, added a CTA button and waited for the conversions to roll in.

But they never really did come in.

Make Some Way for the Truth Train

The reason why your landing page train hasn’t yet pulled up in conversion city is because even though you did do everything by the book (or in this case the internet) yes, the image, the headline, the copy and the CTA are the basic components of a Landing Page, but simply vomiting them out on a blank page doesn’t get you conversions.

What you need to get conversions is to create a conversion cracking landing Page, a page that manages to attract your visitors no matter where they are. A Landing Page that excites and intrigues them and gives you $$$ Goosebumps every time they hit your CTA button.

Here’s your easy guide to getting conversion cracking landing pages.

Strip, Strip Strip!

No there’s no need to count your one dollar bills and wipe that grin from your face, we aren’t going to a strip club, it would be a good idea to send your landing pages there though. You need to scrap all distractions from your landing page, anything that’s not geared towards your conversion goal should be considered as a distraction and needs to be immediately deleted from your landing page.

Take a step back and look at your landing page, really look at it- what are the things that it could do without?

Do you really need two images, or 4 paragraphs of copy?

What doesn’t fit in well with the landing page needs to be removed ASAP. Less is more people; remove the distractions.

Consistency is Key

Nothing turns off visitors more than inconsistent offers, offers that promise you something else going in and deliver you an entirely different thing coming out.


The visitors that happen to come across your Landing Page do so after clicking a link; whether that’s an email link or a banner ad; maybe you promised them a free ebook or a complimentary webinar.

Remember where your landing page traffic is coming from and don’t forget to mention the same offer on your landing page. If you don’t do this your visitors are out the door, because they didn’t get what they were promised.

If you’ve lured them in by a complimentary ebook, don’t ask them to pay when they come on your landing page.

Always be consistent with your offer, otherwise you’ll build up a reputation of being flaky. Do you really want that?

Size Matters

The lead capture form is the least exciting element on your landing page, it puts off your visitors, even if they only have to enter in their email address, now imagine what goes through their heads when you put an unnecessarily long form on your landing page.

The flight instinct kicks in and most of them have moved on from your landing page.

Lead capture forms are tedious, so it’s prudent to keep them trimmed. And if you just have to have a longer lead capture form make sure it’s arranged in proper fields and sections so it doesn’t visually shock your visitors.

Proper arrangement will prevent confusing and even scaring away your visitors by the sheer length of the form.

Also, if you’re asking for your visitors’ credit card number or other personal information it is best to include a link to your privacy policy below your form.

Put it on Display

Your CTA button is the star of your landing page; if it’s not placed in a prominent position well then what’s the point of you even building a landing page?

I won’t get into the whole above or below the fold debate all you need to know is that your CTA needs to be prominent, it needs to leap off from the page so that your visitors know exactly where they have to click to get you’re offering.

There are essentially two things that you need to do to make your CTA button noticeable;

  1. Make it Clear
  2. Make it Attractive

big call to action

So you need both great copy and outstanding design. The copy on your CTA button would do a lot better if it says more than just the standard “Sign Up” or “Download”, but if creativity isn’t your strong suite stick to the safer options.

Testing is key here, you need to test the your CTA button; try varying positions, different colors, different sizes and shapes and select the one that pulls in the most conversions.

Pretty Gets the Job Done

The complete design of your landing page has a big impact on your conversions, which is why you need to make sure that your landing page looks attractive, personable and interesting.

Always include a relevant and interesting graphic on your landing page, and make sure that the font and the overall color pallet of your landing page gels well together.

White space is a great landing page design tool, it helps you reduce clutter and adds visual appeal to your page, make sure that you surround your landing page elements with plenty of whitespace so that they appear more focused and there’s no clutter on your page.

Being Observant Pays Off

After you’re done implementing all these changes, take a step back and look at your landing page as an impartial observer.

If you were to click on the page would you sign up for this offer?

If being objective isn’t something you can do, simply ask someone else to have a look at your Landing Page for you and then ask them how they feel about it.

Better yet do some usability tests with them.

There you have it newbies, a complete guide to building conversion optimized landing pages. Get down to building your first conversion cracking landing page now.

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