The Perfect Landing Page Design Gets You More Bang for Your Buck

The Perfect Landing Page Design Gets You More Bang for Your Buck

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There’s nothing classier than simplicity.

A simple intimate dinner is much more memorable than waiting around for hours trying to get a table at a five star hotel, a simple black dress does much more for your body than a gaudy glittery mess and a simple lead capture form gets way less friction than a long and elaborate lead capture form.

So, yes, simple is the catch phrase here. I’m a great admirer of the mantra “less is more” especially when it’s applied to landing page design because simple landing page designs, aka perfect landing pages aren’t just easier for marketers to build but they get visitors to STOP, take NOTICE and WANT what you’re offering them.

A perfect landing page design is made up of simple concepts entwined to bring to your visitors a page that they simply can’t resist.

The five main elements of a landing page i.e. copy, image, form, CTA button and headline are indeed very important for your landing page design, however, these elements aren’t the topic of discussion today.

This post is going to analyze the main factors that are considered before you think of all the landing page elements.

The prerequisites of the perfect landing page design.

A Perfect Landing Page Design is all about Brand Consistency

Focus and consistency are very important for your landing page, because if you don’t put all your eggs in one basket then all you’re left with is a hot mess. Decide the purpose of your landing page before you go to the drawing board, focus on one thing; do you want to collect good quality leads (lead capture landing page) or do you want your product to go viral (viral landing page)?

Take a look at the close brand consistency instapage customer NumberGarage has implemented. The first image below is their primary website that serves a broad/non hyper-targeted audience.


The image below is one of their many segmented landing pages built for a specific audience (in this case those looking for phone number porting).

number garage landing page

Notice brand consistency in both the mascot and call to action. Establish what you want and then focus on just that.

Dorothy didn’t just reach the Wizard of Oz like that she focused all her energies on the yellow brick road that lead her to her goal.

So, once you’ve decided what your landing page needs to achieve stick to that strategy.

It’s all About Your Customers

Nobody is more important than your customers; they and only they should be the apple of your eye. Make sure that the landing page that you build is acknowledged and appreciated by your customers.

The first step in doing that is figuring out exactly who your target customers are and then establishing what they like so that you can give them exactly that through your perfect landing page design.

Every company, product and service is different. what worked for Tom, Dick and Harry’s customers may not work for yours, so learning about your target audience is very important.

Just so you know, no matter who your target customers are the following things don’t work on your perfect landing page design

Once you get these pre-requisites right, well then there’s really no stopping you from building the perfect landing page design there ever was.

The End.

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