Landing Page Design Inspiration

Landing Page Design Inspiration

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What do Charles Babbage, Graham Bell and Larry Page have in common? It's because of their inspirations that we lead very different lives today.

And before you can retort to my aforementioned sweeping statement just take a second to think about what you’d be doing if you didn't have access to your computer, telephone or Google?

Probably sitting elbows deep in an encyclopedia trying to access information you can now get within 2 seconds all thanks to Babbage and Page.

Inspiration is important; it’s mind food for anyone who’s stuck in a rut trying to figure out the most basic stuff.

Let’s Start the Landing Page Inspiration Showcase

We make it a routine over at Instapage to have a landing page inspiration showcase regularly, and it’s that time again, so put on your thinking caps marketers because the showcase is about to begin.



The image of people walking on the road in the background is relevant seeing as Human is a fitness app. Plus the main graphic shows the app being used which is good for visitors.

The headline and copy are both effective and brief so they get the message across and don’t bore you with unnecessary details.

I would change the CTA button, it’s getting lost in the background image the same can be said for the social media icons.

The CTA button needs to be the most prominent thing on your landing page and sadly this isn’t so for this landing page.



This is a good clean mobile app landing page. Everything is where it should be, relevant graphics tell the visitors how they can navigate the app. The price is mentioned quite visibly to avoid any confusion. The copy is short as it should be because the graphics really do all the talking on this landing page.

I would make the CTA button a bit bigger though, a little more popping.



The graphic shows the product being used which is what an app landing page needs.
The benefits of the app are listed in points which reduces clutter on the page and enhances readability. The CTA button is big and bold.

There isn't really a clear headline on the page, so one should be added to increase conversions.

Status Board

status board

I love the headline and the sub-headline, the fact that Status Board put the service's usability into an equation is truly inspiring for me.

The graphic shows how the visitors can use the service and it’s all tied in the end by a prominent and vibrant CTA button.

I’m not a big fan of the navigation links but the rest of the landing page gets the job done.



The landing page oozes brevity, nothing is overstated and I love that.

The copy tells you everything you need to know, the lead capture form is short and the stats on the landing page is a really good idea.

The CTA button though prominent still needs to be a little bigger. I also don’t get the background image, what’s following posts got to do with icicles? That being said the overall aesthetic of the page is appealing.



The image is relevant, personal and heartwarming which is an awesome trifecta. The copy could be designed in another color because I think the white is kind of merging with the background.

The CTA button isn’t white, which is great.

Again, not a big fan of the links on the top other than that great job.



The background is relevant, because it doesn’t let you get bored. The headline is effective and the copy explains the service.

Both the CTA buttons need a little more spice, the text needs to be bigger and their sizes could use a little multiplication.



The landing page does look a little busy at first glance, but, it has all the right ingredients in place. There’s a clear and attractive CTA button, a smaller secondary button, a graphic that goes hand in hand with the headline and copy that is neatly broken down into 3 steps and designed beautifully.

In addition to the tranquil background, the graphic of the app being used does the landing page some nice justice.



The page is everything a landing page needs to be i.e. to the point and effective. The headline explains the service well, the sub-headline chimes in with a bit more detail.

The CTA button is big and inviting, though the text isn’t really that creative but the button does its job.

The image is relevant and the fact that it’s set as background gives it a nice touch.



Love the name of the app, is it “bored” or “board”, don’t know- don’t care. Yes, I get excited by creative names; sue me!

Just the graphics on the landing page are enough to explain what this app is all about, Plus there’s a video on the page which does the rest of the job.

The graphics on the page are all cutesy and in keeping with the overall design aesthetic of the brand, however, there is one issue, can you locate the CTA button?


I couldn’t too, at first. The text “$0.99 Go to the App Store” doubles up as the CTA button which to me isn’t really a good idea.

Yes, sticking to your brand image is good but don’t sacrifice your conversions for this.



Trello does a good job with their landing page. The copy explains everything easily and for those of you who don’t want to read, you can just click on the landing page video.

The headline is nice and clean and the CTA button is big and bold.



Like the graphic and the overall layout of the landing page. The headline “Get Away the Smart Way” has a nice ring to it.

The copy is effective and the last sentence “Travelling has never been Easier” emphasizes the purpose of the service.

The only thing that I’m not totally in love with is the CTA button, it really isn’t that prominent which really isn’t that good.



I have a few issues with the landing page; first, after reading the headline I don’t really understand what the service is about and the sub headline or copy doesn’t really help matters.

The CTA button is designed in a contrasting color and is clear.

The page surely needs a good dose of effective copy.

Fresh Desk

fresh desk

The landing page looks a little busy, first thing I would do is move the navigation links from the top to the bottom and then probably lessen their number, only keep those that are absolutely essential.

I do like the graphic, the headline and the CTA button is a little playful I would however change the color of the button make it a little more prominent.

The thing that I like about the page is the social proof; the list of customers on the page does wonders for the trust factor.


launch key

The graphic is big and relevant, the lead capture form is minimalistic and the headline is effective. The only thing that I would change perhaps is the navigation links on the top, if they simply have to be there at least move them to the bottom of the page.

Otherwise, the page does its job well.



I like the cloze landing page; I’m really digging the headline and the sub-headline, they go well together.

The background image is personal and human, which is what the service is about so thumbs up for that. The lead capture form is only as long as it’s supposed to be no unnecessary fields on there. Both the CTA buttons attract the visitors’ eye.

Tip Tap

tip tap

The landing page video is what does all the talking because there is little to no copy on the page, the headline does though explain what visitors will be getting once they click on the CTA button.

The CTA button needs to be increased in size, because right now it’s looking quite petite which is not something you want your button to be.

The navigation links also need to be moved to the bottom of the page.


slide deck

I like the sub-headline “Save Time & Engage your Visitors” that holds a lot promise, the rest of the landing page however doesn’t really showcase the saving time part.

I do like the headline, the landing page video is also another nice touch. The play video button however is a bit redundant as visitors can easily see the play sign on the video and play it from there.

The CTA buttons are nice and big. The navigation links need to be moved to the bottom of the page.

My Envytory


I do like the name of the service, however, that really has nothing to do with the landing page. The page looks too cluttered, it’s a little tough to get through it.

I do understand what the service is about so the copy is good, but they seriously need to consider some design choices. The CTA button is big, otherwise when talking of design nothing is really appealing to me. That’s just me though.

What do you think? Which landing page was the most inspirational for you?

Show Me The Top 10 Landing Page Styles