How to Create an Optimized Landing Page from Scratch

How to Create an Optimized Landing Page from Scratch with Instapage

Last updated on June 10, 2016 by Fahad Muhammad in Conversion Rate Optimization
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Want to know just how important it is for you to create a landing page?

According to Marketing Sherpa, 68% of B2B businesses use landing pages to garner a new sales lead for future conversions.

And well this Google trends graph speaks for itself.

trend landing page

Whether you’re running full blown paid campaigns or are just trying to generate some buzz for your new feature. A landing page is what stands in the way of you making it big or going home.

Yes, Landing Pages are Important. Now What?

So, you’re up to speed on the importance of landing pages. In fact, I’m sure this is not the first post you’ve read that's urging you to create landing pages to boost your campaigns. You even nod along with every sentence that you read, obviously you could use more leads and of course you want more conversions.

But, how do you get there?

How do you actually create a landing page and step into the magical world where leads and conversions easily flow your way.

Today’s post is going to answer this very question. Over the course of the following paragraphs, we’re going to (and I say we, because I mean you and me) create a landing page from scratch in Instapage.

Defining the Offer

You need to have an offer that you can create your landing page for. Today we’re going to be creating a coming soon landing page for a fictional company called Workvative.

Workvative is an app that helps manage work related tasks between team members using interactive tools. Workvative is when work meets innovation.

The coming soon landing page for Workvative is going to offer visitors a chance to beta test the product in exchange for their email address. Further down the funnel, there will be more incentive for visitors who actively share Workvative with their social media lists, but let’s leave that for another time and another post.

The Anatomy of Workvative’s Coming Soon Landing Page

The only purpose of Workvative’s coming soon landing page is to notify the visitor that we’re about to launch a product and get their email address.

Like other coming soon landing pages, the Workvative page will:

  • Be a short form landing page
  • Have a headline that states what the product is going to be about.
  • Have a form that only collects the visitors email address.
  • Have a contrasting personalized CTA button that demands action from visitors.

Let’s start creating the landing page.

Sign into your Instapage account. Don’t have an account yet? Signup here and create your first page for free.

Click on the “Create a New Page” button.

create a new page

Choose the "pick a template" option. This option gives you access to our range of free templates.

pick a template

If a free template doesn’t meet your fancy, you can buy a template from Themeforest by clicking this button from inside the builder.

buy themeforest

Because we’re creating a short form landing page for Workvative, we’re going to select a simpler template.

Let’s go with this one.

final template selection

Click edit, name your landing page and begin personalizing your template.

Adding the Headline

To come up with an effective landing page headline, you need to think about your USP and add that in your headline. It’s good if your headline can make your visitors visualize how amazing it would be to use your product.

Workvative’s USP is the fact that it’s the only teamwork app that lets you use interactive tools. It mixes in work and play because it eliminates emails and reminders and instead notifies you about tasks in new innovative ways- it’s your work gamified.

Our landing page headline will read:

“Workvative is a Teamwork App That Gamifies Your Workplace.”

This is how the template looks like with the headline.

headline added

Next we add a short paragraph of copy to persuade the visitors to add their email address.

Just click edit on the copy box and add your copy.

editing copy

Next up is adding a form.

Click the “Add New” button and select Form. Instapage offers integrations with Mad Mimi, Mail Chimp, and ActiveCampaign among other marketing tools. You can sync your forms easily with these services.

add new

Remove the extra field from the form by clicking on it and hitting delete.

Rename your CTA button.

And get rid of unnecessary elements you don’t need, like the customer badges by selecting them and hitting delete and that’s it.

Workvative’s landing page is ready.

Click preview.

final workvative landing page

Now click publish.

There you go, we’ve just created a landing page from scratch. You can now A/B test this page easily inside the builder by adding variations and keeping track of your conversions as they start snowballing.

This landing page will act as your minimum viable page (MVP), you can collect user information from this and create an even better landing page for your service further down the funnel.

See how simple that was?

And how long did it take us, No more than 3 minutes.

The design-friendly functionality of the Instapage builder is smooth, seamless, and gives you the flexibility to add or delete any element.

Still have questions on how to get started? Please let us know in the comments.

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