How to Get Started With a Landing Page

How to Get Started With a Landing Page

Last updated on June 10, 2016 by Tyson Quick in Conversion Rate Optimization
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How often have you had an idea and not known whether or not it was pursuing?

Entrepreneurs and marketers alike tend to be idea people, but how do you know if the idea is actually good or not? What is the factor that determines whether or not you should build that product, offer that service, or start that company?

Easy. You let the market decide - and the fastest way you can test an idea is with an optimized landing page.

The problem with an idea is you're never going to know if it's going to work until you get it in front of the people who might just be willing to pay for or care about whatever it is you have to offer. And the best part about doing business on the web is how fast we can get our idea in front of the people who will care about it. We can figure out if an idea will go anywhere based on quantifiable data, not just a hunch.

Why launch with a landing page

1. Landing pages are a great way to validate a concept or idea

Have an idea? Want to test the waters and see if there is interest? This is the perfect chance to create a landing page. Whether you're adding people to a prelaunch list or getting them to sign up for a webinar, you can see if your idea is worth someone giving you their email address.

2. They can be a great way to compare two or more ideas/concepts

Not sure which product you should be building? With Instapage's simple A/B testing options, you could create one landing page with multiple variations where you compare the different offers.

What kind of page should you launch with?

That depends on what your goal is. Are you looking to gather form submissions or clickthroughs? Are you looking for leads or sales? The kind of conversion you're searching will determine what kind of landing page you need to create.

Instapage offers many templates that have specific uses, like for collecting webinar signups or for pre-launching products. I'd recommend using a template for the sake of saving time. You want to test your idea quickly and easily.

That's why I'd also recommend creating an MVP version of your landing page.

What's an MVP?

A Minimum Viable Page (or MVP) is the least you need to start converting leads into customers. It’s the minimum you need to start iterating, creating, and perfecting your PPC campaigns, your brand’s language, and your product’s positioning. Think of it like the growth hacker's way of making a landing page that's hyper-focused incredibly quickly.

This page is at the heart of your campaign and will be your way to ensure message matching, deep message matching, and experience matching all happen for your user. This is the key to building trust quickly, especially if you're running a PPC campaign to test the water with your leads.

Check out this post to get everything you need assembled to create your MVP, crank out some quick copy, and get ready to launch. Next, we're going to go into a super fast case study of how's your truly launched an idea - all in less than an hour.

How to launch your idea on Instapage

So, I had an idea for a new email offer that will be the lead into a paid offering later, and I wanted to see if there was any interest in the idea. To do this, I decided to create a prelaunch page before completing the book, in case it turns out I need to reposition it.

First off, I chose a title that I thought would resonate with my readers based on some existing data I had about this group, and then I followed it up with some actionable copy for the CTA.

Next, since the product will be an ebook, I chose one of Instapage's fully customizable lead generation templates. I don't currently have an image of the ebook, so I wanted to avoid a template that would have me doing excess work before prelaunching. Right now, I just want to validate the idea.

I added my copy in the Instapage builder, connected it to Mailchimp (my email marketing software), and then published it to my WordPress site. The entire process took me 20 minutes total.

Here's what it looks like.

Screenshot 2015-06-17 at 8.28.00 AM

I don't have another offer I'm testing against this one, but later, I will set A/B tests to determine the best button copy, button color, the headline, the blurb copy, and other key factors that effect conversions. My main goal right now is to see if this is right language to use with my audience.

I'll be creating a followup post on this project to go over conversion data, split tests, and letting you in on exactly what worked, what didn't, and what you can take from my experience. I'll also be tying in some different PPC tactics you can start implementing. For now, I wanted to demonstrate just how fast and simple it is to get your idea out the door today without waiting one more second for the right time.

So what about you? Do you have an idea that's been simmering that you can break down into something small and testable? Share your MVP in the comments below!

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