What is Remarketing?

Chapter 6

How to Measure Success in Remarketing

Remarketing helps marketers reach out to visitors who have navigated away from their website without converting. The ads and post-click landing pages created for these campaigns help you call back lost visitors and move them further down your conversion funnel:

Whether or not you have been able to convert lost visitors into leads or customers depends on the following metrics that help measure the success of your remarketing campaigns.

Lead Conversion (CPL)

Lead conversions are the number of leads that are directly attributed to remarketing ads. The leads are in the form of conversions on your remarketing post-click landing pages.
A high CPL indicates that your ads were successful at attracting visitors and your post-click landing page messaging convinced visitors to convert on your offer.

Nurture Touches

Nurture touches refer to the engagement from your existing contacts with your remarketing display ad campaigns with reference to late-stage or mid-stage ads and offers.

This metric helps you identify which lead is actually ready to click the CTA button and buy your product. Nurture touches help identify untapped leads that are ready to make a sale from your existing audience pool.

View Through Conversions

A view through conversion is a conversion that occurs when a prospect views your remarketing display ad, but doesn’t click, and returns to your website or clicks to your post-click landing page on their own.

View through conversions can be measured with the tracking pixel placed on your post-click landing page. This metric is important because it helps you complete the conversion funnel puzzle and allows you to figure out all the possible routes your marketing funnel can take to get a conversion.

Page Visits

Page visits measures the number of visitors that arrived at your remarketing post-click landing page from your ad. You can also measure page visits for your website in connection to remarketing campaigns because visitors may return to your website because of brand awareness, and not necessarily by clicking your display ad.

Email Opens

Reaching out to prospective customers through email is a powerful form of remarketing. Measuring email open rates gives you the opportunity to collect data that helps you write better email subject lines in the future.

Personalized nurture emails can increase user engagement. This metric gives you the opportunity to measure if the remarketing emails you’re currently sending out are working or failing to impress your audience.

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL)

Marketing qualified leads are leads who have been qualified by the marketing team as more likely to become customers in comparison to other leads. The MQL values are derived from lead scoring, audience behaviour, specific
prospect activities, and firmographics.

Now it’s your turn to create remarketing campaigns

Remarketing campaigns help you reach out to the 98% of visitors who leave your website without converting. When you create segmented audience lists and combine those with remarketing ads and post-click landing pages specifically for these lists, you not only increase the probability of customer conversion but also generate brand awareness.

Testing your remarketing display ads and post-click landing pages allows you to create campaigns that engage audiences and persuade them to convert.

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