What is Landing Page Optimization?

Chapter 9

How to Optimize Other Landing Page Elements

The myriads of online pyramid schemes and Ponzi scams have made visitors cautious of who they interact with online. They won’t give away their information for just anyone, this means if you want your visitors to convert on your post-click landing page you need them to feel at ease as soon as they arrive on the page and you do this by letting them know that they can trust you.

Two elements that make your post-click landing page credible and serve as trust indicators are:

  1. Customer badges and trust seals
  2. Customer testimonials

Optimizing both these elements ensures that your visitor won’t second guess whether you can be trusted with their information.

Customer Badges and Trust Seals

Common trust indicators used on post-click landing pages include customer badges and trust seals. Customer badges showcase the logos of companies who happen to be your customers. The badges add credibility to your page because they showcase that other brands have had success with your product or service – they essentially help you borrow credibility from those brands.

A visitor who is on the brink of making a decision can be convinced to click the CTA button after they recognize a famous company logo on your post-click landing page. Visitors are quick to judge your post-click landing page, and when they see that someone influential has already judged you and found you capable, they are quicker to make their own decision.

This is appropriately called the “halo effect.”

Qubit uses customer badges on their post-click landing page:

Another element that adds credibility to post-click landing pages are trust seals. Trust seals are especially important for eCommerce businesses. A survey by Econsultancy showed that the effectiveness of trust seals is dependent on customer recognition of the symbols. The study tested 20 different trust logos, and the results revealed the three most recognizable logos were that of Paypal, Verisign, and McAfee.

Want your visitors to enter their credit card information to sign-up for your service, show them that their information is secure with the help of recognized trust seals.

Customer Testimonials

Visitors expect you to think that your product/service is the best solution to their problem, they know you’re biased, hence you have to work to convince them that you’re actually telling the truth. This is not the case when another unbiased human makes the same claim for your service – your customer.

Visitors trust customer testimonials because they recognize that these testimonials come from real people just like them who faced a similar problem that they face – customers often think alike, which is why they trust each other’s opinion.

The testimonials you include on your post-click landing page need to be honest and descriptive, just including a customer quote saying “Great Service” won’t persuade your visitors. Instead ask for a quote that explains how using the service/product solved the problem they were facing, and which features work best for them. Try adding testimonials that tell an inspiring customer story to get the most clicks on your CTA button.

post-click landing page testimonials with images of your customers next to them have a more positive impact as they add human appeal. Adding customer testimonials from well-known people from your industry also have a positive impact on your post-click landing page credibility.

Autopilot uses a customer testimonial with the picture of the customer, helping the visitor make an emotional connection:

Credible post-click landing pages add to a convincing post-click landing page experience because they help the visitor get rid of their anxiety and focus on the conversion goal.

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